Monday, September 7, 2015



     It was a very very cold and windy week here in Deutschland with lots of rain! I knew it was going to be cold but I didn't know this early! I've already busted out my winter clothes and it's barely September. I'm scared for winter!
     Anyway, unfortunately not much this week. It was weird, I felt like we were so so busy but not much got done. We had training in Berlin which was good. What's even better was they made tacos for lunch...Tears of joy for tacos! I didn't know they had those here, apparently it's rare, and only in certain stores. It was good to see all my buds from the MTC again too.
     As far as our investigators, Jannick is still solid, we just can't get it through his head why he must be baptized. We've shared every scripture and have stated every reason why it's important but he still
doesn't understand. We're a little lost with what to do with him. Lee is ready and willing but only wants to be baptized with his friend Josh. Josh was ready, but now the problem is, he says our church has too many rules and doesn't know anymore. Ay Yai Yaiii!
     Beyond all that, somethink really cool happened on Sunday. I would call it a miracle cause this doesn't just happen. A man named Enrico walked in and Elder Hein and I saw him and we went up and talked to him. He said he had driven by the other day and was curious so he called, found out what time church started, and ended up staying the entire 3 hours! We asked him if he wanted to learn more and take lessons but he said he didn't know and he would have to check his work schedule. We were kinda bummed cause we thought he wouldn't call back for sure but he did! He seems super interested. I'm pumped for him!
     Each week I find myself getting more accustomed to the culture here in Germany. The language is coming and my faith is growing.

     I love you all so much! Keep up the grind! Shout out to all my Devils and Cougs who started school this week :)

Elder Miller