Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 42 April 12, 2016

Whats good friends and fam!

Sorry I'm on a day late!

Well transfer calls came and.......... Looks like I'll be spending a
3rd out here in Bremerhaven! Rogers is staying as well and it will be
a 7 week transfer. That's a long time but I'm excited. Our entire
district stayed the same except of course Elder Peterson and it was
way way hard to see him go. But all is well because I will be seeing
him in just a short year:) My boy Gallacher is gone too. So dang sad,
it's honestly unreal. I'm officially one of the older ones on the
mish... And in a couple more transfers I will be the oldest. Crazy
CALLED IT FROM THE BEGINNING! I know he is gonna hook me up with all
the good benefits:)))

Anyways, not much this last week. Met with a few people and played some
soccer in Oldenburg again. The transfer calls were changed to Sunday
night instead of the usual Saturday night/ Monday morning which I have
no clue why and I can't think about it too much because I get mad. We
can't say goodbye to our ward because we don't know who or if we are
going... And it makes it hard to plan things because if someone goes
that changes your entire schedule. But what can you dooooo?? ANYWAYS...

Today was kinda crazy because of multiple things that I don't have the
the energy to write but we got to play laser tag which was way fun.
Killed it the first round and then the second round this 14 year old
kid with a pierced ear walks in and talks about how he's the best
laser tag player in Germany... Supposedly he was in the Guiness Book
of world records. He was good but he wasn't that good. Your boi stuck
close. Jokes on him actually because he brought HIS OWN laser tag vest
and gun. I didn't even know you could do that.. Who does that?
Honestly, who is that serious about laser tag? He brought his own vest
and gun....that is just unreal...

Auf jeden fall we have lots of good goals this next transfer and were
planning on seeing some big miracles out here. I love you guys and
pray for you everyday!

Have a good week!

Elder Miller