Thursday, May 12, 2016

Elder Jeff Gordon???


Sorry I'm on late today! I don't have a lot of time either so it's gonna be
a quick one:) We traveled to Bremen yesterday and met with
the district and Go-Karted.. I'm a bit bruised and sore and really
feeling it today but it was worth it. Honestly one of the
funnest p-days on the mission... It was a parking garage and they used
the top two levels as the track, so sick. Elder Rogers, Elder Staley and I
were BATTLING the first few laps constantly passing one another. I was
sitting pretty for a while. All of a sudden Elder Staley, the clown, side
swiped my back left corner, spun me out, and gave me a look as he
passed me, all in one swift move. Miller was out by a cheap shot. But I
didn't let it get me down. I was like Jeff Gordon out there -
clearly the best driver;) haha just playin!

Anyways it was so good seeing the fam! Mom I love you and hope you had
an awesome Mother's Day!

It was a good week! On Tuesday we traveled to Cuxhaven and had an
awesome lesson with our refugee friends! I can say like 4 Persian
words now so holla atcha boi one time:)) It was way good
other then when we had to leave... We planned to catch the bus at a
certain time, but 15 minutes passed and the thing did not come.. So we
thought, welp looks like we're walking 45 minutes to Banhof. 5 minutes
into our walk THE THING PASSES US:)

Fast forward and on Thursday it was a German holiday "Christi Himmel
Fahrt" - the day Christ ascended into heaven. Cool right? Nope.
Apparently it's dangerous so the mission created "Book of Mormon day"
where we got to stay inside away from all the drunk Germans outside
and read the book or Mormon all day. 

Hmmm another highlight, on Saturday we had a street display. I usually
dread street displays but this one was good. Talked to a lot of people
and handed out a couple books of mo mo's. It's cool to see people
approach us for a change when they do!

Sunday was a little bit of a bummer because no one could give our
refugee friends a ride to church so they couldn't come:/ I'm so
grateful for the church in Arizona. To have one on literally almost
every street corner is unreal. But the day changed to good as soon as
I got to talk to you guys:)

I have some pictures to make up for so I'll send a few. Love you guys so much! 
Have a good week!