Monday, September 26, 2016

Week 66 September 26th, 2016

What's Gucci fam!

We got our transfer calls on Saturday and as I suspected Ash Ketchem
and I will be staying together and I will get to finish his training.
Go'in on number 4 here in Neumünster. I will also be taking over as
district leader. Gonna be a busy next month and a half but I'm

We haven't been able to meet with Herr Gerlich because his wife has
been in and out of the hospital and the poor old guy just hasn't had
any time/energy. He said he should be good by next Monday, but Elder
Ashby and I brought him over some oranges the other day and checked up
on him and everything seemed good.

Tuesday we were in Kiel for district meeting. Afterwards, the Spanish
members came to the church and we taught them some German again. They
are actually progressing really well because they practice at home. I
love them. They are so nice I wish I could speak Spanish so I could
talk with them normally.

Last week on the way back from Berlin a lady on the train saw us and
talked to us for a while. She was from Hamburg but her aunt lives in
Neumünster! She said she was baptized but went inactive because her
husband was against the church. She wants her kids to be baptized
and grow up in the church. So on Thursday we walked to visit her, 
big mistake - took us 2 hours to get there - but when we finally did, we 
caught her outside! We talked for a couple minutes and she was way nice. 
We made an appointment for next week so I am super hopeful for this family.

Sunday an older American couple were in our church! They are from Utah
and they came all the way to Germany to find some family history
records.. They can't do it at home because Germany doesn't do that
stuff on the computer or something... Plus back then the records they 
actually did have were not kept well and were very difficult to decipher. But
the ward was really helpful and our family history guy is awesome and
is meeting with them today to see what they can find. I had to
translate for them and I haven't translated in a while. Like since
Bremerhaven 6 months ago. It's really hard to translate hahah. You
have to translate while listening to the next sentence and half the
time you can't translate a sentence until you hear the last word and I
can't remember English words so fast when people speak 1000 miles an
hour. It was fun though! I like doing translating!

Super pumped for the new transfer and to be called to district leader!
We are expecting some miracles this time around!

I think that's about all the highlights for this week.. Happy Birthday
Nick! I hope you had a good birthday! One year closer to 30 you old

Elder Miller