Monday, August 24, 2015

WEEK 9 AUGUST 24th, 2015

Wie gehts fam! 

    First off, I would just like to wish my wonderful Momma a happy birthday! I wish I could celebrate with you but I am there in spirit and hope you had the best day:) 

Anyways just another faaantastic week here in Deutschland. I'm ready for August to end. Not my favorite month of the year! 

    Allrightty well we started this week out with a bang! Tuesday evening we decided to go for a run. Elder Hein was waiting for me outside and as I came out and shut the door he says "you got the keys right?" I most definitely did not have the keys. Thus we were locked out of our apartment. To make a long story short, hours later we got ahold of a phone and called a lock pick dude and he got us in but charged us 120 euros. Then another lock pick dude showed up a little later and he wanted 90 euros for just showing up!! The thing was Elder Hein called two but the first guy said he couldn't come for 2 hours so he called another and he could come right away. He called and cancelled the first one and that guy still showed up. We told him we wouldn't pay him. He said fine, I will send a bill and then if you don't pay that the law will come after you! We just said okay. It was 12:30 a.m. and we just wanted to sleep. We couldn't have payed if we wanted to because the last guy took every last euro we had. We're just missionaries for petes sake. 

    Anyway, on Thursday. We got to go to Berlin for a mission conference. Berlin is the coolest and it was so fun to be with a bunch of other elders. We got to walk around the city for a little while before our train came.

    Friday was the best! Elder Hein and I taught an English class at the church and lots of people came! A couple of them were just people we talked to in the street and didn't think they would come but they did. It's so funny and great to see them try so hard to learn. After, we had a ping pong tournament. So Nick if you thought you were gonna get the upper hand on me while I'm gone, you can think again;)  

    We're gonna have to push Lee's baptism back a week because he wants to do it at the same time as his friend Josh but Josh has been sick all week so we need to get him caught up to where Lee is at. We're having good lessons with some other people as well that I'm pretty stoked about! 

We took out bikes for the first time hahah! It was fun but we're not doing it again. That's pretty much all the big news for this week. 

     My faith and patience have been tested these past few days. It was a little bit of a tough week but that just means I have to work harder. Not that Elder Hein and I don't absolutely work our tails off everyday, but to receive what we desire, we have to work extremely hard. We have to be willing to work harder than anyone else. That's how it is in the mission and long after the mission. Hard work is a trait that is essential for success. I believe my mission is and will continue to throw everything at me to prepare me for life. 

Weekly struggles: 

Locked out of our apartment...

Weekly triumphs: 

My money managing skills since being locked out and losing €120 to the locksmith.

I miss you all a whole lot.

Mit liebe,

Elder Miller 

Me and Andreas

Bikes were fun but too hilly and too crowded!