Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 15 October5, 2015

What's gucci everybody!

   Well I hate to say it but not much new this week. I'm continuing to see doctors back and forth to Berlin which is 6 hours round trip there and back so that's a bit of a bummer. We're going again tomorrow but we're gonna stay the entire week this time as we have meetings to attend. Gettin real sick of trains. 
   On a good note... General conference was so GOOD. I'm going to be completely honest I've watched about 5 general conferences now since I've been baptized, but this is the first time where I listened to every single talk word for word as best as I could. I feel like I got SO much more out of it then previous conferences. I challenge everyone when watching conference, close your laptops, leave your phones down, and really listen to what our leaders have to say! It's for our benefit and it's such a blessing to be able to receive counsel from such quorums that are called of God!! I promise if you do this you will get so much more out of conference and receive more blessings as you follow and ACT on the words. 
  We didn't get to watch all of Sunday conference because of the time schedule which is kind of a bummer... This conference was good but I felt like it talked about women a lot... And marriage... And yeah... Of coarse this isn't a bad thing and maybe it's just me but it just seemed weird to think that I could be married one day not all that far from now. It really made me wonder and think about what I want in a wife.  I have to put in hard work and be on my spiritual game! Then we can put our spiritual games together and be the strongest most devoted members in the church we can possibly be. Also talked about moms! Mom I love you! I'm grateful for you and how you put up with all my crap. Seriously your the best and I mean it. 
   A talk I really liked was by Richard J. Maynes. Talking about Christ centered lives and comparing it to a wheel in clay class. If the clay is not centered perfectly on the wheel, then slowly the project starts to become dismantled getting worse and worse. I bear witness to this because I was in clay class and did not once make a good flipping bowl on that stupid wheel. If you don't recenter it, it's not going to get any better. If it is centered it can only get better with time and your happiness will be through the roof!! Christ centered life is the best kind of life. And the only kind of life that leads to an eternal one. 
   I needed this conference. I'm still sick as a dog and it's been hard but I am trying to do every single thing I do with a smile on my face. I know that we can't always control everything that that is thrown at us in life, but something we can control 24/7 is our attitude. And that aspect is huge. I'm so grateful to know I have a team of doctors and people to get me through this. I'm grateful to know I have a loving Heavenly Father that has a plan for me. I don't know what the future holds entirely but I do know that no matter what I will strive everyday for the rest of my life to live a Christ centered life. 
   I love you all. Don't stress and worry about things and people that don't matter. That's what I learned to do this week. The only person we have to please is God. And we do that with our obedience, love and kindness. Everything else will fall into place. 


Elder Noah Miller 

On a less spiritual note... Saw a trailer for Star Wars... Pumped.