Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 7377!!,!

What's good everyone!

Sorry, I seriously have not a lot of time today but I hope you all had
a fantaaasstic Easter!

Work was a little slow this week but we're staying on the grind! I'm
on exchange with Elder Matis right now. He's 4 weeks fresh and a stud!
He's kinda struggling like everyone does with new adjustments in the
beginning but I swear this kid is future AP.

On saturday we had a ward Family History activity and it was way good! My
old pal Sister Seare from Spandau got to come up and be in charge of
it cause she's the geneology sister. Our whole district came and afterwards
we took some pday time out to go visit the Clima House. It's a big
bean shaped building with a ton of different rooms modeled after
different countries and their climates. Way sick. For example, they
have an Antarctica room and it's -10 in that place!

Anyways, conference this weekend! So pumped! I love it. I love you all.
I really do!

Keep on keepin on:)

Elder Miller