Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WEEK 37 MARCH 7TH, 2016

What's guuucciiiii family!

It was a bit of a hectic week with transfers and all and showing my new comp Elder Rogers around the city! But we got everything planned out nice and are ready to get soakin wet out here in the west this transfer.

We had our first district meeting this week. It used to be only us and the Bremen Sisters with a senior couple as well, but the senior couple Tschüßed us and we picked up the Oldenburg Elders which is MEGA RAD. Elder Peterson is in Oldenburg and I freaking love that guy. We are like the same person. We have THREE brand new greenies in our district, 2 sisters and an Elder. I love new guys - makes me feel good and old ;) Plus it's a chance for me to see how far I have actually come since being exactly where they were at one point, not being able to recite D&C 4 in german ;) hehe no worries, they will get it in no time.

We are continuing to work with Frau Tants and got her program all sqaured away on Sunday! Which songs, speakers, etc. IM SO EXCITED. I wish you all could know her. She's the most animated, funny old lady I have ever met. 

This week wasn't bad but it actually felt like an eternity.. I finally got my new glasses so hopefully they start kickin in quick. Chaboi is gettin real tired of migraines. 

Sorry I haven't emailed back a lot! The last 2 weeks have been crazy but I promise next week I'll be sending out some replys:)

I love you all and hope you have the best week!

Elder Miller