Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 36 February 29th, 2016

Well another transfer has come passed! And just like that, Elder Bodtcher is gone:(
After 8 and a half months in Bremerhaven his time here is up. I am so dang sad and a little shocked. I have big, big shoes to fill because the people here loved him. I love that kid and will miss him so much. My new comp is Elder Rogers. I don't know a whole lot about him, but I heard I'm just gonna have to "break him in". He's been out about a year and that's all I know. 

Anyway, onto the dang crazy week. On Monday Elder Bodtcher and I bowled. I was a little rusty the first round and lost, but won the next four ;) I BOWLED A TURKEY. I have pics to prove it to those that doubt me (Nick). 

Okay maybe the end of the week was crazy because Tuesday and Wednesday was full of finding...

Thursday we made an appointment with a member's cousin, who is not a member. They live way far out in a dorf. And when you make an appointment with someone who lives in a dorf that's pretty much the day because busses only come through like every 6 hours... So we made it almost all the way there but we got off to transfer to another bus that we needed in another dorf, only to find the bus was not going to come. We were ticked. So in the mean time we saw some horses in the distance and while waiting for the bus to take us back to Bremerhaven, Elder Bodtcher says " Elder Miller feed the horses!" Of course I'm like, yeah okay sick, so I grab some grass but apparently the fence that I tried to stick my hand through was electric and the freakin thing shocked me outta my shoes!! Elder Bodtcher got a kick out of that one. 

Friday we had our last district meeting. Way sad. After we all went to a place called Pannokoekship to celebrate. It's basically a pirate ship restaurant with way good over priced crepes. Nothing much later that day. We went by to visit a less active named Daniel. Hasn't been to church in a super long time and we got him to come on Sunday - way sick!

Saturday. The dreaded call. After that call we just felt sick to our stomaches... We were in Bremen for a street display and honestly I was just too dang sad to even talk to anyone. But of course we did and then headed to the Daniels after to drive 2 hours to Osnabrück for a cool musical which of course took away some of the sadness. They took us to Pizza Hut for dinner after :) 

Sunday of course goodbyes... But we had the coolest experience. WE GOT A BAPTISMAL DATE SET FOR OMA. Well it's actually been set for a while now but I was a little skeptical about it going through that's why I haven't said anything. On Sunday she was going to get up and speak in front of everyone inviting them to the baptism but she got scared and wrote something down on a piece of paper and gave it to the bishop to read out loud for her. She said " I'd like to invite you all to my baptism on the 20th of March. I'm being baptized because I know the Book of Mormon is true." Elder Bodtcher and I just looked at each other and all we could do was smile. She's SO STRONG AND SHES GETTIN DUNKED!! Freakin love Oma Taunts. She's so German and so funny and so awesome. 

I feel like a lot more fun things happened this week that I am forgetting. It was a sad week, but a good one. Elder Bodtcher has been here in Bremerhaven for 9 months, so it's his time. He gets to go to the best city in our mission, Tiergarten. So I'm excited for him. Mega grateful for that kid. That's all I have for this week! Sorry if it was kinda long.

Love you guys! 

Elder Miller