Monday, February 1, 2016

Week 32 February 1st, 2016

Another week and month has come and gone. I still love Döner, I still hate running for trains and buses, I still am sick, I still have not lost at ping pong;) and I still love being a missionary. Now it's time for February!! One of my favorites! Crazy I'm going to be 20 this month... I don't know what to think about that.

Tuesday was kinda rough. We had 3 appointments made and 2 fell out. And the one we had was ridiculous. We went to his place and he started questioning everything about our religion because he found some church history "facts" online from a bunch of "credible" sources on google. So frustrating. We couldn't answer any of his questions because they had false details. And when we tried to tell him that what he was reading online was contrary to what we actually believe he wouldn't listen and just said "no you guys believe this,  it says so there!" The guy became a Mormon church history expert overnight! I know I should have asked him how he did it, but we just told him to read the Book of Mormon and left. Maybe I will ask on Yahoo answers when I get home...He really is a great guy and he just wants to choose the right. But he expects to find answers through other people and it just doesn't work that way. 

Anyways, nothing really on Wednesday. We had our first district meeting and it was good.

Thursday night there was a geniology class being held in Oldenburg about 2 hours away by train. The Daniels wanted to come so we rode up there with them and Brother Daniel made it in about 45 minutes, compliments to the autobahn and his fast car;) The best part was the girls put in Jess Gwynn and we had a dance party in the backseat. Sweet sweet music to my ears!! The class was good. After we just spent the night in Oldenburg with the ZL's which was way fun, and left back home the next morning. Right when we got home we changed into normal clothes and left again and helped a less-active move. That pretty much took all day and wore us out. 

Saturday some finding in the windy rain and as you can imagine we had lots of success with that like we usually do! That's a joke. On the real, I never thought I would say this, but I have grown to kind of like finding...

Last but not least, church on Sunday of course good as always! We had a big ward lunch afterwards and it was way good:) 

Elder Bodtcher and I are doing good out here in Bremerhaven. I am blessed to have such a great companion that can make me laugh like he does! We have this ongoing thing right now where we keep scaring each other. Last night he was making dinner and he came into the living room and I popped right out and scared him so bad he dropped all his dinner on the floor. I was in tears for about the next hour!

I feel like there is a lot of stuff I am forgetting to mention. By the time Email time gets here I swear my mind always goes blank. 

I have been reading in Alma this week and I think one of the coolest things I have known, but read again, is the fact that Heavenly Father knows our hearts perfectly. It's not about what is on the outside, it's about what is on the inside. People can think what they want and say what they will, but none of it matters because they don't know. But Heavanly Father does!! And when you are striving to be the best you can be he always has your back:)

I love you all!

Elder Miller