Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week "A Lot"

Hi franz,

It was a weird week this week. Went by so fast, but at the same time so
dang slow. I've been a little cranky because I can't remember the last
time I've seen sunlight. Dark and rainy my entire time here so far.
Elder Miller needs his vitamin D.

So Tuesday not much. We had an appointment with Alex and his grandma.
They called us and asked us if they could meet and things didn't sound
too good on the phone. We got there and it was pretty rough. Alex is
really struggling with some personal things right now and his grandma
is always worried about him. He doesn't have a phone so there is never
constant communication either, which makes things hard too. By the time
we left things were better. Alex has so much potential to do great
things and Elder Bodtcher and I are really trying to work hard with
him to make him realize that and to do some things to get him on the
right path.

Wednesday went on exchange with the Leer Elders. I was with Elder
Christoffersen, shy but nice kid. He's been out for about 2 months. It
was a bit of a stressful day because I haven't been in this area for
long and Elder Christoffersen can't speak German yet so I had to do
everything myself, which was fine, just exhausting because Elder
Bodtcher and I usually split 50/50. Did lots and lots of doors and

We had our district meeting on Thursday in Bremen and that was good as
always. After, we had our weekly annual seminary class with the
Daniels. They always call on Elder Bodtcher and I to read some parts
out of the Old Testament. I can normally read well but when I have to
do it in front of people I get nervous and just end up reading at the
same pace as a 3rd grader. Plus, the Old Testament in German has
ridiculous hard words.

Friday I don't even know... Pretty sure all of our appointments fell
out except an elderly lady we visited who is in an assisted living home.
She didn't really have a choice to cancel us cause we didn't tell her
we were coming hahah.

Saturday we had some good less active appointments and an appointment
with a lady named Angela. She is way sick! She just got back from
vacation in Spain and got us this bread that tasted heavenly.

Sunday was weird. There was only like 20 people at church and 2 were
missionaries and 3 were investigators. So there was like 15. Our ward
had a temple drive to Holland to go to the temple there since both in
Germany are under construction right now so maybe that's why... Our
eating appointment was with The Lou family because it was the CHINESE
NEW YEAR!! The Lou's come straight outta China so all the food was
authentic and amazing. I think it was the first time I sat down to a
meal without freaking potatoes. Not that I don't like potatoes but
every meal...

Well your boys got 7 days left of his teenage years. That's kinda sad.
But it should be a fun week this week so I'm excited.

Love you all!


Elder Miller