Monday, February 22, 2016

Week 35 February 22, 2016

Sooooo another week. Alrighty. Emailing is getting kinda hard hahaha.
It was a good week. Actually, it was an awesome week - the sun shined 2
days in a row!! It's so sad how white I am. Looking at the picture
book mom got me for my birthday is kind of depressing sometimes cause
I see how was tan and in shape I was... now I'm just a tubby ghost..
ew. And I went to the eye doctor and they said I need glasses...
Anywayyyyyssss highlights!

Monday was way good, I had an awesome birthday! First Elder Bodtcher
and I went shopping and he bought me a new shirt! What a guy! We ate
at Oma's for lunch afterwards and she made really really good
currywurst. For Family Home Evening we of course went to the Daniels
and had some classic abendbrot and before I knew it I was surrounded
by about 4 different cakes. A piece of every different kind was on my
plate before I could say Danke! Every time we drive somewhere with the
Daniels they have Jess Glynn playing in the car so I pretty much have
all the lyrics to all of her songs down. I guess they noticed that and
they bought me her album for my birthday! Hahaha I love them!

Wednesday good old district meeting! We had a late Valentine's Day
party afterwards and made cookies. When we got back to Bremerhaven we
were invited to one of our contact's who is a part of a religion called
Baha'i. She's way nice and she had like a seminar presentation at her
office for people to come and learn about what it's all about. She was
so grateful that we came even though we are here preaching about a
different religion. It was a cool experience!

Fast forward to Friday I was at the eye doctor for what seemed like
forever. Eye tests and what not. They said I need glasses and that it
could definitely be a reason for my headaches. So I'm hoping so! After
we went straight to some glasses shops and picked out the dopest pair
of Ray Bans I could find. They are brown on top with gold rims. Sexy.
You will see them in a couple weeks when they get here.

The past few weeks I feel like I've really come to recognize and be
grateful for the spirit. A couple weeks ago on pday elder Bodtcher and
I went into this beautiful great big Protestant church. It had
incredible craftsmenship with carvings and paintings in great detail.
Everything. It was really amazing and they are everywhere here in
Germany. But as I was walking around admiring, I noticed something.
There was no spirit. There was no warm feeling, no feeling of peace or
"feel right". It was definitely cool, but it just felt like a museum
more than a holy place. It did not come close to bringing the feeling
I had in the temple or even in our Sunday meeting houses. I'm grateful
for the spirit and the power it has to bring us knowledge. Although I
was in a different church that day, my testimony for this church grew
big time.

I love you all! Have a great week!

Elder Miller