Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 31 January 25, 2016

It has been quite the week over here in the West. I love it. I was
told THREE TIMES by people how good my German was. I was tickled pink. My new comp is Elder Bodtcher from American Fork Utah. The guy is hilarious and it's funny because I don't think he means to be. The apartment is enormous and it has a dryer LESGO!!!!! Game changer when you got one of those things! We live 5 minutes away from the water:) Our church use to be an old sailor's mansion who lived there so that's way cool other than it has like naked women sculpted on the front of the house HAHA.

One of the first things I noticed here is how people actually stop and talk to you when you talk to them!! I almost didn't know what to do with myself when the first person looked at me, smiled and said, "jaaa?" When I asked for a moment of their time! Totally unbelievable!

Anyways, I was on the train all day Tuesday and when we got to the apartment I just unpacked.

Wednesday we planned to have my first appointment here with a member named Alex at the church. As we were waiting at the church for him, Elder Bodtcher was practicing the piano for something we have next week, so I was just chillin outside of the room. All of a sudden this guy dressed in all black clothes, black eyeliner and a spike necklace walks in. I was speechless. I had no idea what to say. I didn't even say hi. I was scared! I thought it was a random guy who stumbled in our church and he was gonna start casting spells on me or something! But it was Alex hahaha.

The rest of the week we did finding, area book work, and went to introduce me to members! There's a small branch here of about 25 people.. Tiny! But the people are great!

Sunday we ate at The Daniel's and played some fun games. I think that they will be the Dessin Family of Bremerhaven.

So far I am loving it in my new area! I love my new comp and I'm excited to work with him here. Bremerhaven is a way pretty place with lots of potential. We have a ping pong table downstairs in our church and it's nice! It's SO funny it brings out the worst of Elder Bodtcher and I. We are competitive! He's actually really good. He was saying how he had to overcome a long 5 year road of controlling his anger when it came to stuff like losing in ping pong. You would never guess if you have only known him for a week. But we played 5 games today and I won all 5. Reminds me of Nick and I! I honestly cannot remember the last time I lost a ping pong match. I'm so way good it's unreal Hahahaha!

Alright I love you guys! Have a good week!


Elder Miller