Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 49 May 30th, 2016

Dear friends and fam,

Alrighhttyy 7 week transfer is in the books! And I will be heading
too........ Drum rollllll drum drum drum drum drum drum NEUMÜNSTER! I
can't get out of the North.. My new comp is Elder Spangenburg and no, he's
not a native. I've heard good things about him so I'm way pumped! It's
been a rough last couple transfers. I love Bremerhaven and I always
will but it is my time. Elder Spangenburg says Neumünster is very
ugly! Yay! But he also says the WARD, yes WARD, not branch is amazing
and the members are so good and that makes me so happy!! 70-80 people
every Sunday... I'm like a giddy school boy over here thinking about
that! Unreal! My main Elder Glissypoo has been transferred only a few
cities away as well!! I'm going to miss this district though. Love
everyone in it and it's always hard to say goodbye for who knows how

Anyways, lets get to the natty gratty. Wednesday night we were
dreading having to wake up at 5 to catch a 6 am train to Hannover for
zone conference. *Ring Ring Ring* "Hallo hier ist Elder Miller" " Hey
Elder Miller it's Elder Kreutz, yeah so you actually were one of the
missionaries picked to have an interview with Elder Adler of the 70!
Can you be in Hannover an hour earlier?" "JAA MACH ICH" So we went
down to Bremen, spent the night there so we wouldn't have to wake up
at 3am, and caught a yoga class with the sisters and their ward before
heading to bed. 

Zone Konference was good. My interview with Elder Adler was something
I needed. It was short but the opportunity to talk with a 70 one on
one ANYTIME is an amazing opportunity that I will always remember! He
told me never to forget in my testimony, to know that Jesus lives.
Many people say that, but do we actually know what that truly means?
He is literally here. For us. He wants us so bad to choose the right
so we can live with him again. This life is not easy but he is
constantly stretching his arm out for us to grab. He wants to help us.
And the knowledge of that alone can be SO powerful. 

It was good to see my MTC comp Elder day again. He's a good AP and he takes care of me;) I
texted him on transfer call day and I said "You call me first." And he actually did it! 
What a stud😂

Fast forward to my last Sunday yesterday... Wow, so tough saying goodbye to
people you love. The branch was not too happy with me and the fact
that I am leaving. I made a lot of good friends here and have had a
lot of good times on the Nordsee. I will for sure miss it and I won't
soon forget it. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to serve here.
I still have things planned with the Daniels and Frau Tants so I
haven't had to say goodbye to them yet. Not looking forward to that..
But I'm so excited for this new and upcoming opportunity in my new
city. Thank you for all the continued support. I love you all so much!

See ya'll in Neumünster:)

Elder Noah Miller