Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 50 June 6th, 2016

Gucci Greetings from Neumünster!!!

Wow what a first week here! I love it so much already. How do I begin
to describe this place..? If the city of Compton and the projects of
Brooklyn had a baby, it would be Neumünster. Elder Spangenburg was not
lying when he said it was ugly. The only nice part of town is by a
mall a little ways from our apartment and it lasts for about 20

On Monday we had our last pday in Bremen with the district. We just
kinda hung out and enjoyed each others company for the last time.
Played a little ping pong, (I have not lost a match of ping pong in
the year 2016;)) ate lunch, and yeah. When we came back to Bremerhaven
we went to Bruder Daniel's for my last family home evening. He cooked
a ton of steak, wurst, chicken etc. and we ended with some games
before I said one final Tschüss. Really going to miss that family and
going over there every Monday night!

Tuesday was the normal weird feeling stage the day before you leave
your area. I was excited to go, but I also started to get really sad
thinking about some of the people I was about to leave, especially Oma
Tants! I went over there for one last time and tried to keep it cool and
normal as possible. I did the usual and drank pretty much all of the
poor old ladies Apfel Schorle, and things were going smooth! But we
shared our spiritual thought and I bore my testimony telling her how
grateful I was for her and then it was game over. Oma Tants was
shedding tears:( She says "Du darfst nicht gehen, du bist mein
Taufer!" I said not to worry because we will be staying in contact for
sure! And I invited her to my wedding and said that we would pay for
her ticket mom sorry:)

Wednesday transfersssssssuhhhh. Hopped on the train to Hamburg with
Elder Matis and Sister Ellis and our 15 bags of luggage and took off!
Got to Neumünster and just unpacked.

Thursday we did some street contacting! It was so so so hot. We
stopped at the store and bought an 11 pack of Popsicles. I ate 5 and
Elder Spangenberg ate 6.. We went to Familie Matthiesen afterwards, a
family in the ward and they fed us! They will be the fun family of the
the ward I can tell:)

Friday ehh weekly planning

Saturday we had a ward activity at the lake. We played a bunch of
games, threw around a football and BBQ'd ja wohl:)

Sunday first Sunday:) it was a conference thing and only two hours.
But that didn't stop the ward from making me get up there and
introduce myself unfortunately.. I was nervous.. I'm used to a
branch of 20-25 people not 80! The building is way nice. It's a stake
center so it's pretty big. I feel like I'm in America on Sundays
because of just the building, all the people, and there's a ton of
little primary kids running around causing havoc. I honestly love it! I
could have stayed there all day.

It's going to be a fun transfer! Elder Spangenberg is awesome and were
going to see some miracles out here I know it!

Love you guys - have an awesome week:)

Elder Miller