Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Week 56 July 18, 2016


It was a quiet week this week, but we did a lot of planning for next
week:  less actives to go by, how we are going to find better and
more fun activities and how we can get people just more involved.

I was with Elder Chadwick in Flensburg on Monday. I never get sick of
that place it is so pretty. We had a lot of fun. I don't think I have
laughed so hard on the mission before. He asked me if I could cut hair
and I was like, "well I can Turk.." Turk is the style here where they
shave the sides a little and keep it long on the top. He said he needed a
little off the top and that he trusted me that I would cut with
scissors good. About 30 minutes later he got up, looked in the mirror
and we both immediately started dying. It wasn't THAT bad. You get
what you pay for, which, in this case I got nothing so.. And that was my very
first time cutting with scissors. Give it a week or 2 it will look
awesome! We had a lesson the next day with a recent convert Martin.
Really funny and cool guy. He just got his patriarchal blessing and so
we talked a little about those. We were suppose to have another one
after but it fell out.

Fast forward to district meeting and that was good. We went to
Vapiano for lunch afterwards and outside we thought there was a huge
line.. But it wasn't for the restaurant, it was apparently some good
spot for Pokemon Go??? I don't know….

We had an appointment with family Mattiesen Thursday and that's always
a good time. I absolutely get destroyed every time I go over there
because they know I'm a Justin Bieber fan. They hate Justin Bieber and
they bring it up almost every time -  it's really funny.

Other than that we were pretty much on the street. Gave out a Book of
Mormon and lots of cards and had some good discussions with people but
no one really solid. Next week will hopefully be better in terms of
luck with finding somebody. We're going to switch it up and do some
things differently and see how it goes.

Yesterday we grilled at Bruder Zickler and his wife's house. It was so
fun. They are a young couple and he is our ward mission leader. I
think Bruder Zickler is my favorite guy in the ward. His wife is an
American from North Carolina who speaks good German but he had to
learn English if he wanted to marry her. And he did and his English is
awesome but he has a heavy accent and sometimes mixes his words and it
is so funny with the type of personality he has. Sister Zickler has
migraines too and gave me some peppermint essential oil for them. Says
it really helps so I'm excited to try it out.

I love you guys so much! Thanks for the love and the emails and all of the support!