Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 68 October 10th, 2016


It was a bit of a slower week this week unfortunately. A few fallen out
appointments andd yeah… But we made some good goals so
hopefully our luck will turn around.

Wednesday we had our weekly district meeting and street display in
Kiel. Usually Elder Peatross stops the crazy people and then is stuck
talking with them for an hour but I guess this time it was my turn.
My dude actually wasn't crazy though I don't think. He was nice and he
just talked my ear off for a straight 40 minutes. I got him to take a
Book of Mormon and take a card. He said he would read in it.
I think he will - I am hopeful! We had to sprint from the street display to banhof to
get back to Neumünster for our appointment with the Matthiesen's. We
ate there and for desert they made homemade donuts. They were way good
but I have been craving Krispy Kreme donuts ever since.

Thursday we were doing some street contacting and we were in the
area of a contact who we've been by multiple times but is never home.
We decided what the heck, were here so we went and klingled him. We
started to walk away and then he buzzed us in! He let us in and we started
teaching him, and then his friend came over and we taught him too! We
were there a little long, like two hours but it was way cool. We made
out another appointment for this week! They are gonna be tough but
were due for some miracles out here. The next appointment we were
suppose to have was about a 40 minute bike ride away. We rode all the way
out there and something came up and she had to leave to go take care
of her daughter or something. Her husband said come back the same time
the next day so we did and the same thing happened! Finally we gave
her husband a card and he said she would call us. We were bummed because
Katagarina is our golden!! Plus it's a little sketchy because the
referrel who gave us her info said she wants to be baptized but her
husband is against it... So hopefully he actually gives her the card
we gave him.. He seemed super nice though.

We finally get to meet with Herr Gerlich today. And it is fest. Done a
bunch of personal studies geared towards this meeting and I think I
have found answers to all of his questions! I'm excited!

Sorry - I'm out of time!
Love you all so much! 
Have a great week!