Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 69 October 17th, 2016


Hope everyone had a good week! 

He is totally fine, but Elder Ashby got hit by a car while riding our bikes. And that pretty much perfectly describes how our entire week went hahah.  Other than that, not a whole lot going on here in Neumünster with the exception of a few appointments and cold weather but Ash Ketchem and I aren't letting it get us down.

Monday we had an appointment with Herr Gerlich. He struggles with believing that Jehova and Christ are the same person. So I prepared, found a bunch of scriptures that proves it, and we full on went for it. I don't know what happened, but he still wasn't having it. Some stuff that just comes and seems so easy for me to understand, is hard for others. Especially a man who has been Catholic his whole life. Makes sense, just hard.... Just bettering my patience aspect. 

We had district meeting in Kiel Wednesday, so we were pretty much there the entire day. I think I started to get sick this day because we came home and I was extremelllyy cranky. I was literally complaining about everything - it was ridiculous.

Thursday -  good ol Thursday. We were on our way to the Matthiesen's on our bikes. We were riding past a Home Depot type store and I see this dude. I noticed at the beginning that he was not looking both ways, rather just looking left. So I'm thinking well this is not looking good and it was too late to slow down.  Elder Ashby was right on my tail and I swerve to dodge it but he plows right into Elder Ashby! It was loud.  I stop immediately, get off my bike and run to him. Thank goodness he was okay - Just completely red in the face and a little shaken up! This man proceeds to get out of his car and tell us it's OUR fault because we were in the bike lane on the sidewalk on the wrong side, which is completely false. Typical feisty German but we considered it yet another miracle and were just grateful that he wasnt hurt. Anyways his bike is broken and bent and un-ridable sooo looks like we're gonna be on foot the rest of my time here unless President Fingerle or his AP's hop on their private jet and fly a new bike to us hahah!.

Friday I did end up getting real sick so we didn't do much. We had one appointment and then we came to the apartment, weekly planned and called it a day. The appointment wasn’t great. We tried to give him a pamphlet but he said no. He said he basically just wasn't willing. He likes his Evangelisch faith. It can be tough,  be we can’t let appointments that don’t necessarily go the way we would like, get us down.

Saturday we ate at a members and then helped short notice with a move. Took like 4 hours but everyone left half way through for no reason?! They are literally like, "yeah the elders can finish it." It was super nice of them to help and I am grateful but…...

All is good though because the Zicklers came through for us like always and cooked us food on Sunday and saved our week:) 

All in all it wasn't too bad of a week actually. We had lots of good laughs. Learned big time especially on the mish if you learn to just laugh things off you will be happier.

I love you guys and hope you have a good week!