Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 71 October 31st, 2016

Moin Moin! Happy Halloween!

''Twas a solid week this week. Finally after what felt like an eternity of bad weeks we were gifted with a good one. 

Monday night we ate with family Jäger. I love Bruder Jäger! He's such a solid, funny guy. His wife cooks awesome too. After we ate and chatted about mission life we got up and were getting ready to head out and he said, "ich finde es toll das Sie hier auf mission sind." I think it's really cool that you guys are here serving missions... I just about cried on the spot. Nobody has ever said that to me in this country like that so directly. He served in Switzerland so he just understands missionary life in Europe..

Tuesday good old Herr Gerlich. I love Herr Gerlich. He would be the best member. It's just plain and simply not his time yet. The thing is, when we have differences in doctrine or different outlooks on scriptures, there is never contention. Never. We simply put ourselves in each others shoes and see it from the opposite point of view. He said that's one of the reasons he loves meeting with us. I remember when I first started teaching him, I asked him regardless of the differences we had, if he felt the spirit when he met with us, and he said no. But this last time as we ended with a prayer he stood up and said, "Ya know guys we discussed a lot of differences today, but I definitely felt the spirit." 

Wednesday we ate at Familie Nwadilim. The guy is half Nigerian but raised in Germany and his wife is from the Netherlands. I kid you not we had 4 different languages going at once. They have a baby and the dad only speaks Spanish to it, the wife only speak Dutch to it, we were speaking English to it, and then mixing German at the dinner table. Crazy. It was so fun. Where have they been my whole time here in Neumünster dang it!? 

Thursday was shot because we had to go to Rendsburg. A city a little north. I did a baptismal interview for a 9 year old stud named Arkhadi. He's from Armenia and his parents just moved here about 6 months ago and speak Russian. They were baptized last year but wanted him to wait until he grew up a little bit and then make his own decision. A year I guess. Well he passed with flying colors yeeeeee!! #getaufed

The rest of the week was normal mish life but good! We had a zone pday today and carved pumpkins and played mafia. Was a good time. 

Love you guys! Happy Halloween! 

Elder Miller