Monday, November 7, 2016



Yes yes the rumors are true. After 4 transfers in Neumünster I am being shipped off. I struggled the whole week with sleep at night. I knew I was leaving, I just didn't know exactly where. Transfers are actually a really scary thing if you can't already imagine. In Germany, certain areas have built reputations for themselves over the years and these reputations are bounced around from missionary to missionary like teenage girl gossip.   So everyone is pretty well aware of cities they want to steer clear from. My next area, on the border of Poland, on the dark and scary threshold of Sachsen, deep in the east, bombed to smithereens in World War 2 and never rebuilt, is a city with an extremely well known reputation. The small city of FORST will be my next home for at least the next 5 weeks, and could very possibly be my last area before I am home bound. Forst Forst Forst... My entire mission I have known about Forst. And have heard mostly not good things about the city. BUT, everyone very well seems to know that they have arguably the best ward in the mission. Win - lose. Bombed city, bomb ward. 

My new companion is Elder Fritz. He's relatively new on his mission and hasn't had it so easy. So Pres wants me to go in and cheer him up so ima do my best!

But gosh I'm gonna miss Elder Ashby so much. We had so much fun these last 2 transfers and I'm so lucky I got to train him. He's got a good mish ahead of him. I'm a proud father. 

I will miss this place. I feel like here is where I really learned how to become a missionary. How to really work with people and how to really figure things out on my own. I came into contact with a lot of friends that I will love forever. Crazy another chapter comes to an end. Neumünster will always have a place in my heart. 

See y'all in Forst:)