Monday, June 20, 2016

Week 52! June 20th, 2016


Just another good week up here in the North! Kind of. We had 6
appointments with investigators this week, all of which fell out:))))
Typisch Deutschland but it's all good. Elder Spangenberg and I are
still having fun regardless! The European Meisterschaft is going on
right now and it's pretty big. I forget what the tournament is called
in English but it's the one in France. Are people watching that in
America? It's everywhere you go. They have a big tv in the mall that
streams the games live so Elder S. and I try to find an excuse to go
in there just about as much as possible to catch little glimpses;)

Tuesday we had had Zone Training Meeting and we had interviews with
Pres. I got to see my old pal Gliss which was fantassticc. I called on
him during our lesson to read a couple verses in D&C and he read the
wrong ones😂 Zone had a good laugh at that. For our interviews
President had us fill out obedience papers.. There was a list of rules
and we had to mark that we followed them, or that we didn't. I was
pretty solid. But one of my "no's" was "effectively planning every
day”.  When I come home at 9pm I'm exhausted. I have 0 motivation to plan
so I need to work on that. And Pres pretty much talked to me about
that for 30 minutes.. Kinda bummed afterwards that that was the main
focus of our interview but what can you do.

Wednesday after our fallen out appointment we went to the Mattiesens
and had an awesome lunch like normal. Sister Mattiesen was walking
through the hall and noticed a couple bugs and she started freaking
out. MAGGOTS. They were falling from a light in the roof!! All the men
in the house stood a fair distance away while sister Mattiesen got a
ladder and tried to solve the problem hahah it was hilarious. On our
way home we stopped at this farm place where 
we had seen a bunch of cows at the fence on our way to the 
appointment. I wanted to see if I
could get them to come back so I just started yelling at the cows
about 200 yards away. The next thing I know they are hauling across
the field running towards me! I got pics to prove it - it was awesome!

Thursday we did a bit of finding. Elder Spangenberg told me to get
some inspiration and pick which neighborhood we should door. So I did
my best to get some inspiration and picked! We left at 6:00 when the
best time to door here is and started going at it! To make a long
story short I'm making Elder Spangenberg get the inspiration next
time. But it's not all bad, earlier that day we were walking down the
road and a lady stops her car and yells "Hey Elders come here!" So we
ran over, she hands us 20 euro and says go get a nice dinner tonight!"
What?! Turns out she is a member from Pennsylvania here visiting her
sister. So after that, honestly, nothing could ruin our day. We went on
a nice Indian food date later that night:)

Feeerrrriidayyy we had an eating appointment with Familie Krienke.
They live clear way out in the middle of Texas and the bus only gets
you half way there. Then it's about a 5km walk:))) I actually really
enjoyed it, it was gorgeous. Then yep, you guessed it, with about a
mile left I felt a nice cool little rain drop on the tip of my nose. I
looked back, saw the dark clouds, heard the thunder and just
immediately started laughing because I knew we were about to get
wrecked. Not a thing we could to about it in the middle of the country
so we showed up about a half hour later to the appointment looking
like we were fresh out of the shower:) Sister Krienke was devastated
and got us all dry clothes hahah but I kid you not, the
food that she made us was the best food that I have had
since I have been on my mission so far so it was
way worth it.

Saturday a couple more appointments fell out so we went by some
members. Did a little finding. Nothing too crazy.

It's crazy that so many of my homies are just about done with the
mish. I'm so proud!  It's way weird. That just means time is ticking
and ticking quick! I'll see y'all shortly in a quick 10:)

Dad happy Fathers Day and Birthday, I hope you had the best week. You
deserve it! Thank you for all you have done for me and continue to do
for me. You are the best example of service and hard work. Anyone who
knows you a little bit can attest to that. I'll be lucky if I can
become half the Dad that you are! I love you!

I hope everyone is having an awesome last summer without me! It seems
like the weddings have slowed down just a tad within the last month!
Either that, or nobody's shooting your boy deets anymore.. Hopefully
the first one.. Good, just wait till I get home:)

Love you🇧🇪❤️🇺🇸
Bis spääätterrr


1)me having good time before rain
2)Me still having good time in rain


Friday, June 10, 2016

Week 50 June 6th, 2016

Gucci Greetings from Neumünster!!!

Wow what a first week here! I love it so much already. How do I begin
to describe this place..? If the city of Compton and the projects of
Brooklyn had a baby, it would be Neumünster. Elder Spangenburg was not
lying when he said it was ugly. The only nice part of town is by a
mall a little ways from our apartment and it lasts for about 20

On Monday we had our last pday in Bremen with the district. We just
kinda hung out and enjoyed each others company for the last time.
Played a little ping pong, (I have not lost a match of ping pong in
the year 2016;)) ate lunch, and yeah. When we came back to Bremerhaven
we went to Bruder Daniel's for my last family home evening. He cooked
a ton of steak, wurst, chicken etc. and we ended with some games
before I said one final Tschüss. Really going to miss that family and
going over there every Monday night!

Tuesday was the normal weird feeling stage the day before you leave
your area. I was excited to go, but I also started to get really sad
thinking about some of the people I was about to leave, especially Oma
Tants! I went over there for one last time and tried to keep it cool and
normal as possible. I did the usual and drank pretty much all of the
poor old ladies Apfel Schorle, and things were going smooth! But we
shared our spiritual thought and I bore my testimony telling her how
grateful I was for her and then it was game over. Oma Tants was
shedding tears:( She says "Du darfst nicht gehen, du bist mein
Taufer!" I said not to worry because we will be staying in contact for
sure! And I invited her to my wedding and said that we would pay for
her ticket mom sorry:)

Wednesday transfersssssssuhhhh. Hopped on the train to Hamburg with
Elder Matis and Sister Ellis and our 15 bags of luggage and took off!
Got to Neumünster and just unpacked.

Thursday we did some street contacting! It was so so so hot. We
stopped at the store and bought an 11 pack of Popsicles. I ate 5 and
Elder Spangenberg ate 6.. We went to Familie Matthiesen afterwards, a
family in the ward and they fed us! They will be the fun family of the
the ward I can tell:)

Friday ehh weekly planning

Saturday we had a ward activity at the lake. We played a bunch of
games, threw around a football and BBQ'd ja wohl:)

Sunday first Sunday:) it was a conference thing and only two hours.
But that didn't stop the ward from making me get up there and
introduce myself unfortunately.. I was nervous.. I'm used to a
branch of 20-25 people not 80! The building is way nice. It's a stake
center so it's pretty big. I feel like I'm in America on Sundays
because of just the building, all the people, and there's a ton of
little primary kids running around causing havoc. I honestly love it! I
could have stayed there all day.

It's going to be a fun transfer! Elder Spangenberg is awesome and were
going to see some miracles out here I know it!

Love you guys - have an awesome week:)

Elder Miller

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 49 May 30th, 2016

Dear friends and fam,

Alrighhttyy 7 week transfer is in the books! And I will be heading
too........ Drum rollllll drum drum drum drum drum drum NEUMÃœNSTER! I
can't get out of the North.. My new comp is Elder Spangenburg and no, he's
not a native. I've heard good things about him so I'm way pumped! It's
been a rough last couple transfers. I love Bremerhaven and I always
will but it is my time. Elder Spangenburg says Neumünster is very
ugly! Yay! But he also says the WARD, yes WARD, not branch is amazing
and the members are so good and that makes me so happy!! 70-80 people
every Sunday... I'm like a giddy school boy over here thinking about
that! Unreal! My main Elder Glissypoo has been transferred only a few
cities away as well!! I'm going to miss this district though. Love
everyone in it and it's always hard to say goodbye for who knows how

Anyways, lets get to the natty gratty. Wednesday night we were
dreading having to wake up at 5 to catch a 6 am train to Hannover for
zone conference. *Ring Ring Ring* "Hallo hier ist Elder Miller" " Hey
Elder Miller it's Elder Kreutz, yeah so you actually were one of the
missionaries picked to have an interview with Elder Adler of the 70!
Can you be in Hannover an hour earlier?" "JAA MACH ICH" So we went
down to Bremen, spent the night there so we wouldn't have to wake up
at 3am, and caught a yoga class with the sisters and their ward before
heading to bed. 

Zone Konference was good. My interview with Elder Adler was something
I needed. It was short but the opportunity to talk with a 70 one on
one ANYTIME is an amazing opportunity that I will always remember! He
told me never to forget in my testimony, to know that Jesus lives.
Many people say that, but do we actually know what that truly means?
He is literally here. For us. He wants us so bad to choose the right
so we can live with him again. This life is not easy but he is
constantly stretching his arm out for us to grab. He wants to help us.
And the knowledge of that alone can be SO powerful. 

It was good to see my MTC comp Elder day again. He's a good AP and he takes care of me;) I
texted him on transfer call day and I said "You call me first." And he actually did it! 
What a stud😂

Fast forward to my last Sunday yesterday... Wow, so tough saying goodbye to
people you love. The branch was not too happy with me and the fact
that I am leaving. I made a lot of good friends here and have had a
lot of good times on the Nordsee. I will for sure miss it and I won't
soon forget it. I'm grateful for the opportunity I had to serve here.
I still have things planned with the Daniels and Frau Tants so I
haven't had to say goodbye to them yet. Not looking forward to that..
But I'm so excited for this new and upcoming opportunity in my new
city. Thank you for all the continued support. I love you all so much!

See ya'll in Neumünster:)

Elder Noah Miller