Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 31 January 25, 2016

It has been quite the week over here in the West. I love it. I was
told THREE TIMES by people how good my German was. I was tickled pink. My new comp is Elder Bodtcher from American Fork Utah. The guy is hilarious and it's funny because I don't think he means to be. The apartment is enormous and it has a dryer LESGO!!!!! Game changer when you got one of those things! We live 5 minutes away from the water:) Our church use to be an old sailor's mansion who lived there so that's way cool other than it has like naked women sculpted on the front of the house HAHA.

One of the first things I noticed here is how people actually stop and talk to you when you talk to them!! I almost didn't know what to do with myself when the first person looked at me, smiled and said, "jaaa?" When I asked for a moment of their time! Totally unbelievable!

Anyways, I was on the train all day Tuesday and when we got to the apartment I just unpacked.

Wednesday we planned to have my first appointment here with a member named Alex at the church. As we were waiting at the church for him, Elder Bodtcher was practicing the piano for something we have next week, so I was just chillin outside of the room. All of a sudden this guy dressed in all black clothes, black eyeliner and a spike necklace walks in. I was speechless. I had no idea what to say. I didn't even say hi. I was scared! I thought it was a random guy who stumbled in our church and he was gonna start casting spells on me or something! But it was Alex hahaha.

The rest of the week we did finding, area book work, and went to introduce me to members! There's a small branch here of about 25 people.. Tiny! But the people are great!

Sunday we ate at The Daniel's and played some fun games. I think that they will be the Dessin Family of Bremerhaven.

So far I am loving it in my new area! I love my new comp and I'm excited to work with him here. Bremerhaven is a way pretty place with lots of potential. We have a ping pong table downstairs in our church and it's nice! It's SO funny it brings out the worst of Elder Bodtcher and I. We are competitive! He's actually really good. He was saying how he had to overcome a long 5 year road of controlling his anger when it came to stuff like losing in ping pong. You would never guess if you have only known him for a week. But we played 5 games today and I won all 5. Reminds me of Nick and I! I honestly cannot remember the last time I lost a ping pong match. I'm so way good it's unreal Hahahaha!

Alright I love you guys! Have a good week!


Elder Miller

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 30 January 18th, 2016

Okay a lot happened this week. Lots of good and fun things but I'm
gonna cut right to it!

SATURDAY: Transfer calls. I don't know why the heck it takes so long
for the AP's to call. I was antsy all day. I couldn't take it. They
start calls at 8:00 And Elder Wirthlin and I got ours at 1:00... Should not
take 5 hours to call 50 people and tell them if they are goin or
staying. Or maybe it should... I don't know. I just know I don't like
getting my call late. ANYWAYS. Funny story, so we take an investigator
to a baptism in Dahlem. I walk in and there's a bunch of missionaries and
they are all like, "Elder Miller how do you feel about leaving?! Are
you excited!? Your new comp is way sick!" And I'm just like.....
What???..... And they look at me and give me that "oh shoot you haven't
gotten your call yet..."  look and none of them would tell me anything
after that!! So the baptism goes on. It calms me down a little bit - So
so good. Made our investigator cry so that was way sick! I could go on
all day about how great it was. Soo the baptism is over we are singing
the closing hymn and the phone rings. I book it out and the truth
comes forward... I'm going to Bremerhaven?!? My first thoughts.. No no
no no no no. But I've heard such good things about how cool the city
is and I've heard some good things about my new comp Elder Botcher
too. So I am actually way excited. It's on the sea! I'm so sad to be
leaving Spandau. The Dessin's, Vanessa Virginia Oma, the Mathias', my
kids Calvin and Leoni! Sister Kronwitter, Sister Seare:( SO SAD. I feel
like I'm leaving my 2nd family to go on a 2nd mission if that makes
sense. Ahh and so many good missionaries leaving this transfers that I
will miss. I actually hate transfers.

My last Sunday was really really sad. Only a couple of people in the
ward knew that I was going, so when it was announced during sacrament
that Sister Kronwitter and I were leaving there was literally a gasp.
I saw Leoni give me this look while I was on the stand and then she
went straight to her mom and started crying. JUST AWFUL. We went to
the Dessin's for our final dinner and gosh dangit I do not want to
leave them!!

Last night Elder Hein, my trainer, spent the night with Elder Blake and
Elder Flake before they go home tomorrow. Also way weird and sad... My
trainers GONE. I love those guys and I'm gonna miss them so much.

Bremerhaven is kinda far from Berlin. 3 hours by train. I was scared I
was going to have to ride all the way by myself but luckily Sister
Brim is actually coming there too so I'm pumped to ride with her and
be in her district so I'm not all unfamiliar. @ElderGlissmeyer

I'm so grateful for the time that I had to serve here. I know I made
relationships here that will exceed far after my mission is over. The
Lord knew I needed Spandau. I know it's not a goodbye forever with
them but just a bis später:)

See ya'll in Bremerhaven,

Elder Noah Miller

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 29 January 11th,2016

Hey guys!

Not much to report on this week, kinda slow. Had a couple normal
lessons but other than that, just the normal "Nein!" Or "kein
Interesse!" In the streets and door to door.

We had our zone training meeting on Friday which, of course, is always a blast
and brings my spirits up. We got a bunch of snow this week so that's
pretty much awful. What else.. Hopefully this week will be better. I
have hope. Last week of the transfer:)

I'm sorry this email is bad. I'll redeem myself next week! Maybe! Hung
out with Elder Gallacher today and got some rad pics. Enjoy:)

Elder Miller

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 28 January 4th,2016

Ayyyy happy 2016!! I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years! It
was absolutely insane here, nothing like I could have imagined but
I'll go into that in a bit.

Sooo it's been not such a good time outside the past week. Germany hit
a cold front. The first day of it we just kinda laughed it off, thought
it was cool, busted out our gloves and scarves excited to wear them
thinking the cold was fun! But the next few days actually weren't fun,
they weren't fun at all. It hurts to be outside. It hurts. It doesn't
matter how many layers of clothing and scarves and tights you wear,
you will still freeze. Elder Wirthlin and I doored last night, on the
verge of tears, until we just couldn't do it anymore, we had to go home.
Today I am grateful for Arizona heat. Hot>Cold

New Years was really really cool. We went to the Dessin's of course.
They spoil us! We ate some wunderbares food and played phase 10 till we
had to be home. Fireworks are illegal in Germany, like other places,
normally.. Except New Years. Anything goes. New Year's Eve it is NON
STOP all day. I have never seen/heard anything like it. You cannot go
.1 second without hearing fireworks close or in the distance. It legit
sounds like you are in the middle of war. We had a show right outside
our apartment so we woke up before 12 and watched for an hour and it
just did not die down till maybe 4 or so..? If your looking for a cool
New Years Germany is the place to be.

Anyways we thought we had some really good lessons this past week. We
committed 3 people to church and they all said they were for sure
coming! Sunday rolled around and a grand total of... Drum roll!!!
Drumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrumdrum ........... !!!!!! 0 of them came to
church woo!!! Simply awesome :):):):):):):):):):) 🙄🤗🤓😎

But ya know, that's okay. I've grown to love church so much on the
mission. Before I dreaded it. 3 hours blah blah blahh. But that's only
because I wasn't there. I was, but my mind wasn't. Anywhere you go for
three hours, regardless if it's church or not, and just sit there is
not going to be fun.. Be there! Listen! Participate! You will
learn so much! I'm not saying there won't be a boring talk in
sacrament once in a while that will make you wanna ahgghhhhuhgh,
because that's inevitable. 
I'm saying there's a lot of other good
things you will hear when you open your ears. Things that will help

Alright I forgot to send pics n flix last week so y'all are gonna have
a lot to work with this time around!

I luhhhhhh yewwwwwwwww