Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 7377!!,!

What's good everyone!

Sorry, I seriously have not a lot of time today but I hope you all had
a fantaaasstic Easter!

Work was a little slow this week but we're staying on the grind! I'm
on exchange with Elder Matis right now. He's 4 weeks fresh and a stud!
He's kinda struggling like everyone does with new adjustments in the
beginning but I swear this kid is future AP.

On saturday we had a ward Family History activity and it was way good! My
old pal Sister Seare from Spandau got to come up and be in charge of
it cause she's the geneology sister. Our whole district came and afterwards
we took some pday time out to go visit the Clima House. It's a big
bean shaped building with a ton of different rooms modeled after
different countries and their climates. Way sick. For example, they
have an Antarctica room and it's -10 in that place!

Anyways, conference this weekend! So pumped! I love it. I love you all.
I really do!

Keep on keepin on:)

Elder Miller

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 39 March 21, 2016


Sorry I am on way early this morning. Some missionaries came to Bremerhaven for the baptism and so they are spending the next couple nights with us and we are gonna go out and have some fun:) Including Elder Bodtcher! Ahh man I have missed that kid! Anyways, as you can probably guess this week was the best! Yep, for one reason: Frau Taunts was DUNKED:)

She was crying from beginning to end. Oh man everybody was so happy. We were both so nervous. She was mainly scared because of her ears. She's like 90% deaf so she was scared about going under the water. I was scared I was gonna mess up the words, drop her, etc. But it all went smoothly because we practiced about 34 times before :)

All of the missionaries that came have been people that she has been with ever since she's been found. And nobody told her, so one by one they came as surprises, and she was so ecstatic about it all. It was her birthday too and Elder Bodtcher made this way cool picture collage of all of us and put it in a frame and gave it to her. At the end of the baptism Alex went up and gave her a huge hug. Regardless of all the drama, all the arguments and all the frustration in that relationship, it was way cool to see it all pushed aside for this special day. None of it mattered, it was all irrelevant. Nothing but love and happiness and so much peace because of a special decision that was made to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

I've been thinking a ton about my mission the last few weeks. The hard times, the good times, the relationships I have made, all that I have learned. I am almost to my half way mark and I finally have come up with what I believe to be true. The whole "Your mission will be the best two years of your life" thing is 100% false. For me at least. ...If these 2 years will prove to be the best of my life, I am not a happy guy.

I am 5,000 miles away from my family, I have been spit at, cussed at, countless doors have been slammed in my face and I have seen rejection after rejection after rejection. There have been nights where I have cried myself to sleep. There have been nights where I have come up with the conclusion that I am coming home tomorrow. But a month goes by and somehow, I still find myself here. It's the culture of a mission.. Especially for me in Germany. My testimony has been tried and shaken. It's not easy. It has gotten easier over time, but the mission is still far, far from comfortable. 

However, then you catch someone like Frau Tants. German as it gets. Brutally honest, and one who simply would not believe or do something she wouldn't think is right. To have the opportunity to baptize her, and hear her testimony just one time, is worth 1000 rejections. #testimonybuilderfordayz #TheTants

All that being a said I, without a doubt,  know with my whole heart, this has the been the best year FOR my life. And I know the next year will be too. Missions create men and when my mission is said and done I'm going to come out a freaking warrior. If it was easy what would I learn? I'm mega grateful for Frau Tants and the example she is for me. People like her make it all worth it. 

I love you all and I hope you have the best week!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

I don't know what week...

What's good fam!

Sorry, I had absolutely negative time to write yesterday! Some stuff came up with a member and we kinda had to watch over him the whole day but things are good now! 

Elder Rogers and I really took a lot of time to set up appointments this week with everyone. Members, less actives and investigators. We are going to have a mega busy week so we are excited about that!

I am racking my brain right now... I know a lot happened but I am completely drawing a blank. 

I am so excited for Frau Tants' baptism. That's really what my mind has been on this whole week. I am so exhausted and I do not feel like writing this email at all to be honest....I promise I will make up for it next week! Ill attach some pix n flix tho.

Trotzdem, Ich habe euch lieb!

love you guys!!

Elder Miller

              "What you can do when stuck at a bus stop and 20min until the next bus comes!"

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

WEEK 37 MARCH 7TH, 2016

What's guuucciiiii family!

It was a bit of a hectic week with transfers and all and showing my new comp Elder Rogers around the city! But we got everything planned out nice and are ready to get soakin wet out here in the west this transfer.

We had our first district meeting this week. It used to be only us and the Bremen Sisters with a senior couple as well, but the senior couple Tschüßed us and we picked up the Oldenburg Elders which is MEGA RAD. Elder Peterson is in Oldenburg and I freaking love that guy. We are like the same person. We have THREE brand new greenies in our district, 2 sisters and an Elder. I love new guys - makes me feel good and old ;) Plus it's a chance for me to see how far I have actually come since being exactly where they were at one point, not being able to recite D&C 4 in german ;) hehe no worries, they will get it in no time.

We are continuing to work with Frau Tants and got her program all sqaured away on Sunday! Which songs, speakers, etc. IM SO EXCITED. I wish you all could know her. She's the most animated, funny old lady I have ever met. 

This week wasn't bad but it actually felt like an eternity.. I finally got my new glasses so hopefully they start kickin in quick. Chaboi is gettin real tired of migraines. 

Sorry I haven't emailed back a lot! The last 2 weeks have been crazy but I promise next week I'll be sending out some replys:)

I love you all and hope you have the best week!

Elder Miller