Monday, January 30, 2017

WEEK 84, JANUARY 30TH, 2016

Transfer calls came and I ammmmm...... 
After two in Forst I'm headed for a bigg change! HAMBURG:) The city is called Bergedorf and I have heard good things about it so I'm way excited.
Plus yeah it is Hamburg sooo. My new comp is Elder Hickenlooper. Yeah, took me a few days to get his name down.. Hickendocker, Hickendooper,  Anyways, he is in his fourth transfer so he's still pretty fresh. Heard he's a good kid and a hard worker so it should be good.

Other than that news, not much this week! Wednesday we went down to Freiberg to watch the worldwide missionary training conference. Way, way good. As a lot of you know, there has been some big schedule changes allowing us to be a lot more flexible with our time and choosing when we do things. It's going to be so much more efficient - I love it. We overnighted and then on Thursday went to the Temple and did baptisms. Always a good time in the Temple.

Sunday goodbye day was sad as always. It's always sad to leave some of your favorite members. We have a couple more appointments before we head out on Wednesday though. Thank you all for the continued support!
See y'all in Hambuuurrrggggg!


Elder Miller

Bruder Bentke

The why do I gotta get transferred pose


Elder Illum goes home this week so we held his funeral.

Bye Forst!!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WEEK 83, JANUARY 25TH, 2016

What's goooood!

It was a quick week this past one. Seemed like we were pretty busy looking for something to be busy with.. hahah

Tuesday was the first really good zone training meeting I have had in a long time. They gave some assignments to some older missionaries this time and they all killed it. Lots of motivational stuff and words of encouragement towards having a good attitude, positive mindset, and being confident. God qualifies whom he calls. We all have the ability when we're worthy, especially as missionaries, to get through tough times and to not fear. 

Thursday we went to eat at Familie Woites. They are probably my favorite family here in Forst. They are so real and honest and I feel like we can talk to them about anything. They respect us as missionaries but also treat us like normal people and not church robots like a lot of people think we are. The wife is American and she married a German. He speaks better English then I do though, it's crazy. They have three kids. The oldest daughter is maybe 6 or 7 and speaks fluent English and German and she speaks to us in English. But the other two are about 4 and 5 and they try to speak English but halfway through they always switch to German - it's so funny. I love going over there, it's always a good time. 

Friday we drove to a little Dorf outside of Forst called Döbern. We doored that place for about three hours till I couldn't feel anymore it was so so cold. We only really had luck at one door. She was super nice and said we could come back except there was no way she is coming to church ever. It was nice to get a change of scenery though. We came back and weekly planned and that was about it.

Saturdayyy we went to the temple:) Elder Fritz doesn't like to go which makes no sense to me, but I make him because it's not an opportunity you get often. Takes 4 hours to get there which really blows but it's all good. I printed out like 8 names for baptisms and we got there and they didn't have enough workers so we couldn't do it!! Our fault we should have called so that was kind of a bummer. Anyway, we did initiators instead, which aren't as fun but still necessary so whatevsss. 

Mannoh. It is the last week of the transfer. It's been a tough past little while. Probably the toughest of my mission. I've been thinking a lot about what Eyring said some General Conferences back. If the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, then the power to endure will crumble. It has echoed in my head. Sometimes faith is the only thing that keeps us going and that's why it is so important not to lose it. I know we are the children of a living God who loves us. Everything he gives us and lets us experience, the good and the bad, is meant to shape us into the people he knows we can become. Just gotta let it. Fight the good fight, keep the faith.

Love you guys

Elder Miller

Thursday, January 19, 2017

WEEK 82 JANUARY 17TH, 2017


So it was actually a really good week this week can you believe that? Absolutely flew. Probably cause I got to go to Berlin for a couple days... But I still feel like I'm going insane. Not in a terrible way or anything. I catch myself sometimes talking to myself and I think, “ Elder Miller you weirdo why are you talking to yourself? It's so lonely out here on the border of Poland, can you blame me??? 

Anyways Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Illum here in Forst. I don't even know how to explain Elder Illum. He is the weirdest, funniest, most mysterious kid I've met on the mission. Never know what he's going to say or what he is thinking and he always has this smirk look on his face.. Anyways we went by some members and then it started blizzarding so we went in and tried calling some people. Nothing too eventful. 

Wednesday after district meeting Fritz and I took off to Berlin. We exchanged Thursday with the AP's. I got to be with my boy Elder Nearon:) Known him for a long time now. It was a way good time. Taught some awesome lessons, had some snowball fights, and deep talks. I needed it. Good pick me up exchange. 

Friday and Saturday we weekly planned and tried making out appointments with people but didn't have a great amount of luck. I ran into some old friends this week! I hadn't seen them in a while and to one of them I said "Du siehst alter aus!" Which is.. you look older! And everyone all of a sudden was like "WOOAHHH" and I was so confused and then I realized what I said was not taken the right way and it was definitely one of the more embarrassing moments on my mission. Die wissen aber doch, dass es nicht so gemeint war;) 

We're going to try and hit finding hard this week. Forst is absolutely dead and we've got no one right now. Really sad. I'm gonna change that around asap though. So we good:)

I love you all and hope you have the best week! 
Don't forget to pray:) 

Elder Miller


Monday, January 9, 2017


It was definitely a roller coaster week this week. Highest of highs
and lowest of lows. Pretty much a mission in a nutshell for you.

Tuesday we headed down to Dresden for interviews with President. I was
the last interview and probably the shortest. Frustrating but what can
ya do. We still got to talk about some things that needed to be
addressed. On our way home he called us while waiting for our train in
Cottbus! Basically what he said was that the Temple President needed
help and he needs us in Freiberg tomorrow and we will be set apart as
official Temple workers for the rest of the month! We would live in a
4 man with the Freiberg Elders and work in the Temple everyday!! I was
freakin out, so we hurry to get home and started packing immediately!

Wednesday we took off and had the prettiest train ride of my life.
Dresden to Freiberg, mountains, rivers, little houses - everything
covered in snow. I was trying to take pics the whole time but there
was a stupid glare on the window so nothing turned out. We got to
Freiberg late, it was blizzarding, so we had to wait to be set apart
until the next day.

Thursdeeee, the Temple is a 30 minute walk from the apartment and we
needed to be there at 6:30am everyday. So as an AZ boy walking in a 0
degree blizzard at 6am... definitely new. But we got set apart and the
Temple work began! Took part in witnessing baptisms for the dead,
Confirming (that was kinda hard), sealings and sessions! It was the
best, I was loving every second. Everyone was so nice there and all
of the Temple workers were so grateful for our help.

Friday the Temple Pres called us in his office and let us know he
found out that as full time missionaries, you are actually not allowed
to be set apart as Temple workers.. we had to turn in our white coats
and name tags and it was really sad. He still said we could stay and
there are things we could help with the rest of the month so it was
okay but still, I didn't wanna give my things back! Later that evening
after we had been home we went to the store real quick to grab a
couple ingredients for food. What do ya know, we forgot the keys…
We called the Freiberg elders and they made calls but nobody knew where the
spares were. I called my homie Sister Garrett and she suggested I try
the credit card thing. I laughed and told her that doesn't work, but a
little desperate here I whipped out my credit card and 30 seconds
later *CLICK* I couldn't believe it! I got in with a credit card! The
things you learn on the mission..

Saturday was the usual Temple work but a little slow because there was
a big conference going on in Dresden. Something really cool though
about Freiberg is that it's an international Temple, meaning people
come from Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands and some other
countries. Got to meet a lot of people from different places. We got a
call from President Fingerle a little while later, actually Elder
Fritz did, and then he told me we were going to go back to Forst. I was
upset. President said we could go back to the Temple once a week
though so it's better than nothing. Later the Freiberg Elders called
us and told us to let them in cause the door to get into the apartment
building was locked. Well what do ya know WE LEFT THE KEYS INSIDE
AGAIN. Except this time I was in a hoodie and flip flops. So
we were outside our apartment trying to get in for about 2 hours. We
called the sisters to see if their bobby pins would get us in, nope.
We called members and we tried Elder Moody's crappy card but it was too
flimsy. So finally one of the members just told us they would prepare
a room in the hostel for us and just to walk there. Great. Except
don't forget it's 0 degrees outside and I'm in one of the Elders flip
flops that have holes in the bottom and a light hoodie. So we walk
first a little ways to the sisters apartment and they just cover me
with blankets. It actually worked and I was warm other then my soaking
wet freezing feet. Finally got to the hostel at midnight and were
able to get some sleep.

Sundayyy you guessed it church in my flip flops and Element hoodie:)
Luckily we finally got ahold of a spare key and only had to walk 30
minutes in snow with flip flops one more time. Got back, packed and
took off back to Forst.

The week started so well and ended pretty rough with some other things
happening as well. Been a long transfer. It's all good though things look
bright ahead.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to work in the Temple for
those few days. Really felt the love of God. Everytime I am in there
regardless of whatever is going on I am reminded everything is gonna
be fine. It's such a peaceful feeling you just can't get anywhere

Love you guys
Elder Miller

The Freiberg Temple!

me doing area book work while Fritz sleeps in his natural habitat

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

WEEK 80 JANUARY 3, 2017

WHATS GOOD 2017!! I hope everyone had a great New Year!

I thought I would die before this year got here but look at me ehh ;)  I am exhausted. One of my New Years goals is to get more exhausted though, if thats possible. Gotta absolutely milk everything I can out of the short time I have left in the mish. 

On New Year's Eve we were by family Bode. It was a lot of fun. We just hung out and played games until we had to bounce. At midnight unfortunately, it wasn't as cool as Berlin last year. It's a little different. Instead of fireworks shooting in the sky (they still had some of that though) they just use legit bombs from Poland. So the sky doesn't light up, but it is LOUD. Till about 4am. Now Germany doesn't top America in many things, but in New Years they most definitely do.

Because of the holidays it hasn't been the busiest week for us! Lots of people out of town and/or busy which is understandable. We did have an eating appointment with a less active though! I think it went well. But other than that, Elder Fritz and I had lots of cleaning to do anyway. It was unreal - I go into the kitchen this week and I see, I kid you not, seven different drinking glasses. SEVEN! All Elder Fritz. Not the first time he has done this. So I took the liberty of hiding the majority of the glasses. I have a water bottle so I don't use cups. So I have left him with 2 cups, plenty! and if he wants a 3rd cup he's gonna have to wash one of his 2:) Kinda funny cause it reminded me of all my water bottles I would leave strewn around the house at home all the time and it would drive mom crazy

We head to Dresden tomorrow for interviews with President. I'm excited, I'm going to have a good interview. Hopefully the work picks up this week now that the holidays are over! Sorry for the short email but I'm out of time. 

Love you guys have a good week!

Elder Miller