Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week 1 June 24, 2015

Friends and Family!!

How are you all?! Gosh I miss you guys so much but all is going great here in the MTC! 

Where do I even begin... First off thank you guys so so much for all the letters. You have no idea how much I look forward to reading those at the end of the day. I led the entire zone with TWENTY-ONE LETTERS IN THE FIRST WEEK. I think the next closest was like four... I get made fun of for it but I will gladly be made fun of for that so keep it up;) Okay so here we go..

Wednesday: Day 1. honestly such a blur, got my name tag went to class couldn't understand cause all that was being said was in German.. 

Thursday: Study with some more studying.

Friday: First time teaching on a practice investigator. To make a long story short it was awful. Had no idea what was being said or what to say. But I still loved it. We got to meet our mission president and his wife too because they are here preparing just like us! I LOVE THEM. They are so funny and have so much personality. President Fingerle legit looks like an exact replica of Robin Williams. He talks just like him too, just with a German accent.

Saturday: More studying again.. We taught the investigator again and it went a lot better. I could actually understand a lot of what he was saying and I was even able to respond a few times:)

Sunday: Sundays are just the best. It's a nice break. We still have some studies but it's less intense. Went to church, sacrament is all in German. 

Monday: Woke up an hour early to do service at 6. I had the worst job by far.. They gave me this "magic eraser" and I had to erase like scuff marks off the all white air conditioners in every classroom. The eraser was NOT, in fact,  magic at all - it didn't do anything. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and nothing happened. I felt so unaccomplished. I do actually feel like I gained about 10 pounds of muscle in my right arm though so that's pretty tight I guess.
Tuesday: Tuesday was fun! We studied in the morning and in the afternoon our district decided to do choir. After that we had a devotional from someone of the seventy... Sitaki I think his name was? Anyways he was from Africa and he was a little hard to understand.. But it was still cool. Couldn't sleep last night because I was so excited to talk to everyone! 

I love my district, I love my zone and I love my companion! I didn't think I would at first to be honest but it ended up all working out. The gift of tongues is real!! I can have full conversations in German and though sometimes it may not be the perfect or exact way to say it, It blows my mind that I have only been here a week and how much I have progressed. I'm sorry I know this first email was kind of weak.I will do it differently in the future. I forgot my Journal back in the room and it's hard to remember everything. I will for sure bring it next time. I will try to get some pictures out a little bit later too! So don't worry about me family:) I love it here. I know there is no better place I could be than here at the MTC. I look forward so much to sharing my experiences with you all these next two years. Thank you all for being such great examples and helping me get to this point in life! Liebst du alles!

The first of many,

Elder Miller

So special to be able to greet the Zauggs & welcome Brody to the MTC!