Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WEEK 2 JULY 1, 2015


Wie gehts?! I hope everyone had a fun and safe 4th of July this weekend. They let us stay out till 10:30 to watch the Stadium of fire fireworks so that was cool:) Thank you to all who have written me Dear Elders and letters and sent packages, it seriously means so much! Brother Dees, I read your MTC letter. I'm taking everything to heart and I really appreciate the advice. Mom and dad your guys' package was amazing! And Sister Zaugg Thank you so much for your packages!! AND THE ERICKSON FAMILY... 3 words, are you kidding me... That's actually four but my computer is being weird and won't let me go back to change it BUT THANK YOU! I'm pretty sure there is enough stuff in there to last my full 2 years and then some...  Anyways week 2 in the MTC has come and gone and things are still going great!

Alright here we go! Let me fast forward to Sunday. First fast Sunday here in the MTC! We went about our normal studying then went to church. Elder Day and I taught a killer lesson in priesthood. Sacrament, like I said before, is all in German. I bore my testimony and it was the first time I actually felt comfortable with the language and felt confident with knowing what I wanted to say. So I was feelin pretty hyped about that. After church we did our weekly temple walk. We usually make our way over there at 3:45. If anyone was wondering when they could "run into me" ;) 

Monday: Service day. And I thought I had the worst job last week.. This week Elder Day and I were assigned to the... Bathrooms... Now all of you that know me, know that I will sit and scrub scuff marks off air conditioners ALL DAY, before I scrub nasty toilets for an hour. But ya know we made the most of it and had fun with it. Elder Day dropped all of the clean rags in the toilet in our first bathroom so things could only go up from there. 

Tuesday: Choir and devotional day. Choir was great as usual, our instructor was really funny. The devotional was given by Brother Condie of the seventy and it was amazing! 

I have some WEDNESDAY WISDOM for y'all. Flashing back to Sunday and the lesson Elder Day and I taught about Enduring to the end. It can be interpreted so many ways. But it's suppose to be interpreted one way. ENJOY to the end. So often we, including myself (and especially on the mission) can see enduring to mean a constant struggle and/or trials, but it's not suppose to be like that. Yes of course those things are going to happen, but they are truly required to know what real happiness is. Life is SO good. Focus on the good things and I promise they will overshadow the bad. When those trials and struggles do happen, which they will... "COME WHAT MAY AND LOVE IT." They are for a reason. That's the best quote and the best way to explain it. 

I love you all so much.

Until next week,

Elder Müller

1. Have you been able to visit with or hang out with any friends you know from home?

    I've actually seen quite a few people from home. I don't really get to "hang out" because we are           always so busy and most likely on different schedules. But yes, occasionally we will stop and 
    talk for a bit.

2. Do you know exactly when you will be leaving for Berlin and if so what date, airline, and cities will you be traveling through to get there?

    We are set to depart extremely early on August 4th. Delta Airlines. We will connect in JFK (NewYork City) and then fly to Paris before arriving in Berlin. Apparently we will be able to see the Eiffel Tower from the airport so I am very excited about that!

3. Will you be traveling with any other missionaries from the MTC or will you be making the journey by yourself?

     I will be traveling with all of the Elders going to Berlin - 11 of us.

4. We’ve heard all different opinions about the food at the MTC ranging from awful to great - what is it really like?
     For real, the MTC food is not that bad. You have a lot of options.

5. What is your favorite thing to do on P day?
    Write to family and friends of course!

6. Will the companion that you have now be leaving soon for the mission field and when that happens will you get to welcome a new missionary into the MTC as your companion?

    No, we arrived here at the MTC on the same day and we will be leaving together on the same day.
   No new Berlin missionaries will arrive until the day we leave. Every 6 weeks a new district comes 
   to the MTC.

Berlin Mission Family