Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WEEK 5 JULY 23, 2015


Well family, It is my last p-day... In the MTC. Hahaha 6 more days to Deutschland!!! We got our travel itineraries! We fly from SLC to Chicago, then to Paris then finally Berlin. It doesn't feel real. I'm going to miss this place, I think. Maybe not. Probably not. I really have loved my time here. For anyone soon going to the MTC you can't really listen to anyone else's opinion about it. You create your own experience here. If you have a miserable attitude about it, it will be very, very miserable. But if you make the best of everything, it will be just fine. The MTC is truly a special place. There's nothing like it and you only get the experience for such a short time, then never again. Even though you may not be at the MTC for very long, I feel like it's such a big part of your mission. I won't forget the fun times I've had here and the friendships I've been able to make. ON TO THE CRAZY WEEK. 

We had our first TRC skype on Thursday. We got to skype with a member in Germany and teach her a lesson. It was so fun we were pretty much just laughing for 20 of the 30 minutes of our lesson. She was so nice, she loved us. Other than that honestly we have just been working our tails off in the class room. Cramming as much as we can language-wise into our heads before we take off. 
Sundays are a little hard for me. We just have so much time on our hands and it's hard not to think about home. But at devotional Elder Allen, the head of all the missionaries, talked to us. Beforehand, I didn't think a lot about it because he already spoke to us but it ended up being the best talk I have heard yet. I felt like he was talking directly to me. I started to take notes but then stopped because I really just wanted to listen to everything he said without missing a word. He said our Heavenly Father knows how much we have given up to serve him, and he is so happy about our decision to serve, and that he is so grateful for our families letting us serve. Missions are not an easy thing. He is with us every step of the way, we are not alone. He's going to take such good care of us and our families. The blessings are endless. He said it a lot better than I am but you get the gist of it. I blessed the sacrament then gave a lesson on recognizing the spirit in priesthood. 

An Elder in our district is going 
home :(  He's a great kid. I hope he makes it back out here. 
Saw Lees at the temple on Wednesday coming out of my session. 100% unplanned. She shook my hand then pretty much ran away haha.
I have gained a solid 10 pounds.
I've  lost about three pairs of socks. I'm pretty sure these stupid washing machines eat them.
I had, I kid you not, 110 emails when I
got on line this morning. 90 of them were Facebook requests from Germans.. Don't really know what's going on there....Maybe the mission made me a Facebook. Nobody else got requests though...

I'm still alive. 

I can't believe I'm going into the field already. It feels like yesterday I was boarding the plane to come here. The best is yet to come!! I love being a missionary. I love wearing this name tag. I know that Christ lives and Heavenly Father has a plan for us all. His plan for me at this time was to come on a mission and I'm so grateful I was able to recognize that fact. I love you all so much. Get ready for some crazy Deutschland experiences. I'm glad you are with me for this ride.

See you in Germany!

Thank you to Elder Day's Mom for the cool missionary action figures hahahah! She thinks I'm African American I guess!!