Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 27 December 28th, 2015

What a week!!

It was so good talking to the fam!! Man that short hour felt like 5
minutes! I hope everyone had a special Christmas this year:)

I thought this week was going to go by slow for sure but I was wrong.
Way fast! To start the week off Elder Wirthlin and I saw the Berlin
Wall on Monday which was way sick. Literally touched history. We
wanted to go see the graffiti part of the wall but we ran out of time
looking for it. We found out where it is for next time though!

Tuesday was all stress. We left for the office around 12:30 on an RE
(type of train). Normally takes 45 minutes or so to get there. A
little bit into the ride I noticed my monatskarte was expired. The
ticket I need to ride all the trains for the month. Not good, not good
at all. Plus, I had 0 money for the rest of the month. They ALWAYS have
ticket checkers on the RE's and if you don't have a good ticket you
get a humongous fine. So we got off asap and had to take U-bahns
and S-bahns. This adds about an hour to the trip just to get there,
however, they never have ticket checkers so it's safe. We finally got
there and dropped off the stuff we needed to and left. Back to the
U-bahns and S-bahns. About 2 stops in A TICKET CHECKER STANDS UP and
announces for everyone to show their ticket. Here's the thing about
these guys ... Ticket checkers disguise themselves as normal riders so ya
just never know. Anyways I held out my ticket sweatin bullets
expecting a future fine and he looks at my ticket as he does everyone
else's ticket and says...... "Danke" WOO. I don't know if he was just
a bro or didn't see but I'm pretty sure I used up all my luck already
for 2016 so that's kinda sad. Anyway, we had a lesson with Michael
again which was good and committed him to church but he
didn't come! Second time he has showed us up:( but it's all good, we just 

need to keep up the hard work and anyway Sunday turned out being way good!

Wednesday was rad! We had district meeting Christmas style and made
lots of crepes. I had like 8 loaded with Nutella and cherries and whip
cream! Hah and here I am wondering how the heck all my pants are

Christmas Eve! Here in Germany everyone goes to church in the late
afternoon for an hour. That's when Santa comes while everyone is at
church. So we had our ward Christmas program which was... good... Some
people in the ward organized a singing part for a group of people
including me and it was so bad.... I started cracking up halfway
through the song because it was that bad. It was fun though. We tried
and that's all the matters:) After we had dinner at a members house
which was way good. Goose!

Christmas Day was awesome! Elder Wirthlin and I opened up our amazing
packages!! We actually weekly planned on Christmas day.... Then we went to 

my favorite German family, the Dessin's!! We ate more great food, opened presents,
and played lots of fun games, I'll attach a video or two. It was the
best. And of course Skyped!!

Germany has three days of Christmas so the 26th we had another eating
appointment with a member, Sabina and her two sons. After we ate we
played Monopoly!! I was pumped. I started slow and at one point I was
almost the first out of the game, but remained patient and composed.
People finally started landing on my hotels and before you knew it, 4
hours later,  Sister Kronwitter and I were the last ones standing, and
we had to stop cause the game would have gone on another 2 hours. All in
all though I think I really would have won so I was satisfied with
what everyone was calling a "tie". Something I could work on is taking
it easy on my competitiveness probably...

Anyways Sunday, and  most importantly, for the first time we had an investigator, 

Bruder Greb,and a less active come to church! Wooooo!!! First investigator since
Tina in Schwerin who was baptized, so I was way pumped! It's been a while!

Last but not least HAPPY NEW YEAR. I love the new year. Literally a
chance to start fresh. Make it the best year yet!!

Elder Noah Miller