Monday, August 15, 2016

Week 60 August 15th, 2016


I cannot believe another transfer has come and gone. They are
absolutely flying right about now. Before I tell you about transfer
calls I will ramble on about my week, no skipping ;)

Soo Tuesday we had as a mission what was called a "Harvest Day". We
were told if we dedicated that day to finding we would find new
investigators and see success. So that is exactly what Elder Morrison
and I did. Other then a quick hour and a half eating appointment we
were on the street and door to door the entire day. We weren't seeing
too much though. At the end with about 5 or 6 houses left it started
to rain pretty hard, so we just said let's call it a day. But thennn
actually we were like No, absolutely Not - we've gone this hard for this
long we might as well finish knowing we knocked every house we could
and after a few more we get to the final door. The actual last door we
could possibly knock, the guy lets us in and we make out an
appointment for the next day!! Unbelievable. Never give up folks:)

We met with him Wednesday and taught him the plan of Salvation. He's
German and from what I can tell, likes his cigarettes like every other
German.. He's got about 4 silver teeth, 3 dogs, and a heart of gold!
Super nice guy. He has vacation next week and he's leaving town, so we
gave him a Book of Mormon and he said he would have lots of time to
read through on his train rides. But we have an appointment for next
Tuesday to meet again.

Thursday we had district meeting in Kiel which was awesome. And at
this point 2 days before transfer calls, the mission becomes like
high school. Rumors bounce around like a beach ball at a Nickleback
concert as to where people are being transferred, who's doing what,
etc. etc. I don't like it because it all sparks my nerves.

So Saturday FINALLY rolls around.. And at about 1900 I get a call from
Elder Day. He says "Elder Miller, are you ready for your transfer call?"
Of course I say yes and he goes on to say.. "Elder Miller! Your 
comp is Still…….. in America! You will be training." So yep I will be
training and Elder Morrison will be leaving. I'm super pumped! I am
training at the best time because all the new missionaries are picked
up at the airport and taken to Freiburg to the temple to start their
mission. So I found out I get to go through and see the all new
renovated Freiburg temple while I pick up my new comp! Lucky lucky
lucky me. I don't know anything about my companion yet. I don't even
know his name. We find out when we get to Freiburg and all meet
together and we do this meeting thing and it gets announced. It's
cool. Hopefully he's not a punk! But yep it's true - I'm officially
gonna be a Dad!

That also means my week is going to be crazy. I won't be in Neum√ľnster
most of the time. We are going to take off to Kiel tonight and
overnight with the elders there. I have to leave first thing tomorrow
morning. Transfers for the normal missionaries aren't until Wednesday
and elder Morrison can't be alone so he is going to stay with the Kiel
elders until then. I'm clear up north in the mission and Freiburg is
completely at the opposite south end. 8 or so hour train ride. I have
to be there 10am on Wednesday morning so I will travel more than half
way to Dresden stay the night there tomorrow, and take another train
Wednesday morning to be there on time.

I'm pumped - it's going to be a good week. Summer is going to end soon
too which means the work should pick up as well!

Love you all and hope you have a great week!