Monday, August 29, 2016

Week 62 August 29th, 2016

I cannot believe it is going to be September..

It was a good week for Elder Ash catchum and I. Things are looking
good in the town of New Monster! We've done quite a bit of finding and
have actually got a few numbers. So we're hoping to schedule some good
appointments for the week tonight.

Funny story on Tuesday we were finding and I said "okay Elder Ashby
your up!" So the next man that walks by he stops and says perfectly 
" Entschuldigung ganz kurz! Wir sind Missionare von der Kirche
Jesu Christi...." Alright now usually by this point they run away, but
this man stayed and was listening and Elder Ashby had no idea what to
say next so I was going to come in but then directly after he says
"können wir haben Ihre Telefon Nummer?" And I lost it. He said "excuse
me we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ can we have
your phone number?" The man laughed as well and it was all good. I was
laughing the rest of the day because I couldn't help it but Elder
Ashby was a champ about it. I love training.

Skipping to Thursday we had a GNARLY service project at the stake
presidents house. He's wiping out his kitchen and another room. So
Elder Ashby and I were assigned a couple of big power tools and we
were destroying the place. I've never used a tool like that before, so
it was fun for about the first 5 minutes, then it got old real quick. Arms
we're ready to fall off when we were done. We headed up to Kiel
afterwards to print out some flyers and posters for our street display
that we would have on Saturday. We got back that night in time for
ward council. Our ward mission leader, Elder Ashby and I were way excited to show
everyone the cool posters and 500 flyers we made to hand out. As we
were explaining them, one of the members just looked totally
disappointed.. He slowly took off his glasses, was rubbing his eyes,
sighing, etc. etc. and he was like "you guys should have have spoken
to me better about this, I can't do Tuesday's." Bruder Zickler our
ward mission leader - greatest guy ever - was super nice about it and
said we could change everything, reprint the 500 flyers and the 2 posters,
and see if the German teacher could do a different day for him.
Meanwhile in my head I'm about to explode because that took so long to
set up, find a date, find a teacher, and print the flyers. But he said no no, it will be ok. We
had a good laugh about it afterwards and Bruder Zickler said one of my
favorite Bruder Zickler quotes in English in his super low German accent voice
"ahhh man, what is going ‘UP' here!"

Anyway, Friday we were out street contacting. We walked past a man in
a wheel chair and he said "MOIN!" Which is good day in German. Now
normally, actually never, does anyone say hello to us on the street. We
said hello walked a little ways past him and thought, what the heck
are we doing?!  We went back and talked to him and got his number!
Super cool guy and I can't wait to teach him.

Saturday! Our street display was way cool! First one we have done here
in Neum√ľnster. Had a lot of good conversations, gave out a few Books
of Mormon, and got a couple addresses. Also handed out a ton of those
flyers for Enlglish and German language classes! I'm excited to see
what kind of turn out we can get from that.

Elder Ashby and I are having a lot of fun and we are working hard. He
is good at ping pong too! I still haven't lost in 2016 though;) we've
played about 25 games or so. He took me to over time once and that was
way too close for comfort.

I was reading in Mormon the other day and it was so good. It talked
about how God is a God of miracles, and if we have faith we can
literally do anything through him. Anything is possible. But
sometimes, as I have learned and seen, having faith is the hard part.
However, if we stay diligent in prayer and in scriptures I know we
can build a foundation on that rock so that no matter what, our faith
is unshakable. And we can press forward and accomplish those miracles
that we want and that God can help provide.

I love you all! Keep on keepin' on!

Elder Miller