Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 61 August 22, 2016

What's good fam!

Man it was a crazy week. Crazy crazy but fun. And hey I was baptized 3
years ago! Almost half the time I have been a member of the church I
have been on a mission hahhah.

I took off to Freiberg first thing Tuesday morning. It was about a 6
hour train ride to Dresden. It was the first time being completely by
myself in 14 months it was awesome. I went through Berlin and passed
through Spandau's Banhof. Literally felt like I was home, it was
weird. Anyways, I met up with a couple elders in Dresden who would also
be training. We had some time before our next train left so we
explored for a while. Dresden is incredible. Like President Uchtdorf
has said it’s hard to believe that city was bombed to pieces at one

We spent the night in Chemnitz and finished the journey to Freiberg
Wednesday morning. Usually the new missionaries stay at the hostel on
temple grounds but because of the Freiberg Temple open door it's
booked and they had to stay at a hotel near by. So we got to the hotel,
had some breakfast and then we walked to the temple and got the tour!
It was gorgeous. I was kinda bummed we didn't get to stay longer.
We went through and then pretty much had to walk back to the hotel right
away. The trainers had some meetings and a couple hours later the
trainees came in and we were all in one room! Each trainer got up and
introduced themselves and their area. Finally they announced who would
be paired with who and where they were serving!

My new companion is Elder Ashby from Pleasant Grove, Utah! He is fresh
out of high school! He is a way sick kid. We're super similar. We're
gonna work hard and have some fun this transfer. I'm really looking
forward to it.

We headed back that same day but had to overnight in Hannover because it
takes forever to get from the bottom of the mission to the top.. Soo Thursday
around noon we finally were home sweet home. He unpacked and we met
with our ward mission leader.

Friday was our first real day! Lots and lots of fun dooring and street
contacting:) We got up to what would be Elder Ashby's very first door
and I said "your up!" He knocked and the man answered and Elder Ashby
barely got 2 words out before the man said "Du kannst gleich
verpissen!" Yeah really mean. I don't think I have to translate that
for you guys hahaha. Could not have been a better first door. I was

Saturday we went up to Kiel for a street display. That's a long story
that I'm not even going to get into.

So far I love training. Makes me better. We're busy a lot too because
we have some extra stuff we have to do for these next 12 weeks so the
time is going to go by fast. Feels good to have a companion that I can
talk and relate to as well. Definitely makes the mission a lot more

I hope everyone's doing well! All my college people enjoy their last
week of summer:)

Elder Miller

The Freiberg Temple is renovated and open for public tours through Sat. Aug. 27th