Monday, December 5, 2016


Howdy folks

To be honest this week was just eh....its ok, it happens. We didn't really get a pday because we helped Monday morning with building a stage for the primary program. They had a play they would be performing throughout the week in the church. It was hilarious. Every time at the end, all of them would come back on stage, which was about 8 of them, and they would sing a song. Out of the 5 times I saw the play, including the last performance, they forgot the words halfway through, and all just started mumbling and laughing. Never got old. Cracked up every time. Hahah but Monday night when it was time to write emails the wifi decided to stop working:) Still doesn't work:) Elder Fritz and I just feel kinda awkward about going to a members house and emailing for 2 hours.. maybe we are just overthinking it? But yeah, pretty much got nothing done on Monday that needed to get done. 

Tuesday we ate at Familie Bode. It was good. Sister Bode made enchiladas and then the three sons were there and we all just chatted. One of them leaves for his mission to England on the 13th. After, we got a call from an exterminator. Prior to me coming here the apartment had maggots:) he wanted to come spray our apartment with poison one more time to be safe. So we pretty much had to trash the rest of the day and prepare everything and move furniture and things so he could spray. Luckily we still had time to meet with Mike that night. We are hoping we can make a baptismal date out with him very very soon. We just have to wait and work out some information to see if he is ready and able to be baptized. 

Wednesday was the best day of my life. We were locked out of our apartment in a blizzard:) 

Woke up on Thursday and wondered why I was sick:)

Ferrriday. Ate with familie Gäbler and had enchiladas again hahah. We headed over to Landry's afterward (The dude who just really wants to know if Jesus was black or white) and had a lesson. I learn something new every time I go over there. This time he told us that Satan does good things..? He was like "yeah Satan can heal the sick! That's good! all they gotta do is give him their soul!" He was 100% serious. I wish everyone could sit in with us on a lesson with Landry. The stuff he comes up with kills me. We decided we are just going to start completely over with him from the top. 

Saturday we got another call and were told we are getting a dryer on Monday!!!! We were goin insane! But then they said they wanted to repaint our entire apartment and they need our help and it's going to take about 7-8 hours:))) So we simmered down. That also meant everything we just put back after the exterminator came we had to rearrange all again for painting. Yap so we painted today and had pretty much a VERY deep clean. It was funny the lady that cleaned our kitchen reminded me of mom. She kept telling us "Elders come here I just wanna show you something real quick!" And she would show us, and 5 minutes later she would call us back. Did that like 5 times hahah. But our apartment is so nice now. We got a bunch of new accessories outside of a dryer too, like a trash can and towel hooks:) 

And there ya have it. Elder Miller's week in a nutshell. Oh also, I bought a box to send you guys your Christmas presents. Stuff didn't fit inside though. So I bought a bigger one that I thought would for sure fit this time. Still didn't. Only have myself to blame for that one. 

I have been having the gnarliest dreams lately. Too much Gummi bears before bed so ima take it down a notch. Sometimes I feel like I haven't slept in days.

Love you all!

Elder Miller