Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 77 December 12, 2016

Dear family and friends,

Another transfer finished! 3 LEFT - WHAT? Slowly starting to freak out. Elder Fritz and I will be staying another one together here in Forst. I'm excited. We're starting to get rolling. 

Tuesday we took some pday time out because Monday we painted the entire day. We pretty much just slept and sat around cause we were so tired and there is 0 to do in Forst anyways. But that night we had a lesson with Mike. I don't know if I explained already who Mike is? But he has had a really rough past and has completely turned his life around. He has come to church the entire past year and has stayed out of trouble. I asked him why has he not been baptized yet or why does he not have a date and he said because the previous Elders told him he wasn't allowed. Elder Fritz and I said umm actually no…. that is not their decision and I texted President and he called me 10 minutes later and wanted to talk to Mike! They talked for a while and President said he wanted to come meet Mike and interview him. Fritz and I were pretty pumped afterwards.

We had a ping pong tournament this week as well. I have not lost a match in 2016;) I was pretty nervous going in because I did NOT want my streak broken and this old fart named Wolfgang is pretty dang good, bringing his own german hand carved paddle while I have this terrible walmart wood. I won my first 4 matches and I was with Wolfgang in the championship. Took care of him no prob tho, just like I have taken care of Rhett Rasmussen, Rigden Brinkerhoff, Tanner Erickson, Nick of course, and anyone else who thought they could contest ;) hahahah

Thursday I was not feeling good. We went to service anyways like we do every Thursday at a place called the Water Mill. I love to serve and help people, but when we go there I don't even know who we're serving or why. Not that there has to be a specific reason but this guy just tells us what to do and then leaves and that's that. They usually have us stack wood or something. Not to mention it's like 30 degrees outside. But one of the guys there kept giving us a hard time because we don't drink coffee. He kept telling us it was healthy because it prevents him from getting headaches, while he was drinking his cup and smoking a cigarette. I don't know what the guy was doing working at the water mill… he should be a nutritionist!! But after an hour and a half I had about enough of that so I was like alright Elder Fritz let's go. Then he threw another fit about how we weren't there long enough blah blah blah. So if it's up to me, Elder Fritz and I will not be going back to that. 

The rest of the week was spent going by some members and preparing for President to come. We also went Christmas caroling with the young men which was a good and funny time. 

Sunday rolled around, President came and then after sacrament meeting we drove to Cottbus to see Mike in the hospital! On the way there he says" You guys are literally in the boonies!" Haha were like thanks Prez - we know! Mike had an operation on his ear for something so that's why he was there. To make a long story short Mike is not quite ready for baptism yet. We made a plan together to prepare him so that when the time comes he can be baptized and he will be ready. Mike is fully willing to do what it takes to get to the next step and that is something really cool to see. 

I gotta bounce but I love you all and hope you have a good week! 


Elder Miller