Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WEEK 79 DECEMBER 27th, 2016

It was so good to see the fam on Sunday!! You all look so good. I hope everyone had the merriest Christmas! It was a great way to end the last one for me out in the field. Now I can listen to I'll be home for Christmas next year hehahaheheh

On Monday we got to go to Dresden for pday and overnight there because of ztm. Best Weihnachtsmarkt ever. It was so dang cool! I got some rad German Christmas items. 

Tuesday early morning we took off to catch the early temple session. I haven't been in the temple for like 18 months so I felt like I was going through for the first time again. It was fun to see it all in German. Afterwards was ztm and President showed up and gave a really good first lesson. The theme was fear not. He had to leave right after though and from there unfortunately everything just kinda went down hill. It's all good though. We went to the city center afterwards as a zone and "Christmas Caroled” except it was so cold anytime you would try to open your mouth and sing it would just freeze your throat and you would start coughing hahah. 

The rest of the week was quiet until Christmas Eve. In Germany the families open all their presents on Christmas Eve. So all the families, even the ones who don't normally go to church, go to church for an hour. While the family is at church, that's when Santa comes. 

Lots of member appointments kinda came up at of nowhere just before Christmas so that was nice. Lots of member time, lots of games. President even let us watch Disney movies for the 3 days of Christmas. Fritzy and I watched Inside Out, How to Train your Dragon, Monsters Inc, and I watched tangled by myself;) so good. Felt so so good to watch a movie again - wow. Hopefully that's not all I do when I get home cause it was honestly incredible. 

Hard to believe we're coming up on 2017. I can't wait. It's going to be a great year - I know it. 

I am outta time! But I love you guys like always and I'll write sometime next year:) Happy New year!!