Monday, December 19, 2016



It was an interesting week.. it does not feel like Christmas in the slightest. I cannot believe I get to see your faces on Sunday! I cannot wait. I have tried to have a positive attitude since I have been here in Forst. I have always tried to have a positive attitude in everything I have done my entire life. But I've discovered recently for myself, sometimes it's okay to be real about things, even if it's not so good. So I'm gonna be real, and I don't know, maybe just try and laugh it off. Forst is honestly terrible. It is bad. Not the ward, the ward is fine. But everything outside of that. Sooo words of encouragement especially now around Christmas would be super appreciated:)

Fast forward to dope Thursday and my bike was stolen. We had been doing some contacting and then we decided to take a break at the church and do a short language study. 45 minutes later we came back outside and I thought, welllll I ain't no mathematician buttt I think we got one less bike here then we had when we walked in! Yes my bike was locked and no I don't know how the person took it. We went to the police station after with a member to file a report. They asked for a picture and the one I sent was the only one I had so I gave it to them hahah. Luckily Bruder Bentke made, I kid you not, the best schnitzel I have ever had since coming here. So at least the night ended good:) 

Friday we went to institute cause one of our investigators wanted to come. Actually I don't even know if I'm allowed to call him that because I have actually never taught him.. but we ended up watching the CHEESIEST short religious film. You could not add more cheese. I really enjoyed it though actually if I'm honest. 

Saturday the ward had a little Christmas gathering. Santa Clause was suppose to come and he had presents for all the little kids who came. But when he walked in 50% of the kids started bawling, it was so funny... Santa would call all the kids' names and those who weren't scared, would come up and do a little performance whether it was sing a little song, read a poem, etc. etc. and then they would get their present. At the end Santa called Elder Fritz and I up to the stage and we had to sing 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' in front of everyone. I was surprised and lucky I remembered all the words..

We get to go to Dresden tomorrow for Pday and then overnight there because we have zone training meeting on Tuesday! And even better, we get to go to the Temple as a zone before hand and do a session! That's pretty much unheard of because Pres does NOT like when missionaries gather. So it's a nice treat! I love being around other missionaries! That means it's a realllyyy good start to Christmas week and I hope it stays good. I will make it stay good. 

I hope everyone has the best week and Christmas! It's really easy to get over stressed and overworked this time of year but just take a step back and enjoy everything. Enjoy the lights, enjoy the music, enjoy being with the family. That's what Christmas is all about, Love.. God so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son so that we could have eternal life. There is no greater gift. I'm so grateful for that. I'm so grateful for my family, my friends, and the life I have been blessed with. I love you guys. 

Frohe Weihnachten

Elder Miller