Thursday, January 19, 2017

WEEK 82 JANUARY 17TH, 2017


So it was actually a really good week this week can you believe that? Absolutely flew. Probably cause I got to go to Berlin for a couple days... But I still feel like I'm going insane. Not in a terrible way or anything. I catch myself sometimes talking to myself and I think, “ Elder Miller you weirdo why are you talking to yourself? It's so lonely out here on the border of Poland, can you blame me??? 

Anyways Tuesday I went on exchange with Elder Illum here in Forst. I don't even know how to explain Elder Illum. He is the weirdest, funniest, most mysterious kid I've met on the mission. Never know what he's going to say or what he is thinking and he always has this smirk look on his face.. Anyways we went by some members and then it started blizzarding so we went in and tried calling some people. Nothing too eventful. 

Wednesday after district meeting Fritz and I took off to Berlin. We exchanged Thursday with the AP's. I got to be with my boy Elder Nearon:) Known him for a long time now. It was a way good time. Taught some awesome lessons, had some snowball fights, and deep talks. I needed it. Good pick me up exchange. 

Friday and Saturday we weekly planned and tried making out appointments with people but didn't have a great amount of luck. I ran into some old friends this week! I hadn't seen them in a while and to one of them I said "Du siehst alter aus!" Which is.. you look older! And everyone all of a sudden was like "WOOAHHH" and I was so confused and then I realized what I said was not taken the right way and it was definitely one of the more embarrassing moments on my mission. Die wissen aber doch, dass es nicht so gemeint war;) 

We're going to try and hit finding hard this week. Forst is absolutely dead and we've got no one right now. Really sad. I'm gonna change that around asap though. So we good:)

I love you all and hope you have the best week! 
Don't forget to pray:) 

Elder Miller