Monday, January 9, 2017


It was definitely a roller coaster week this week. Highest of highs
and lowest of lows. Pretty much a mission in a nutshell for you.

Tuesday we headed down to Dresden for interviews with President. I was
the last interview and probably the shortest. Frustrating but what can
ya do. We still got to talk about some things that needed to be
addressed. On our way home he called us while waiting for our train in
Cottbus! Basically what he said was that the Temple President needed
help and he needs us in Freiberg tomorrow and we will be set apart as
official Temple workers for the rest of the month! We would live in a
4 man with the Freiberg Elders and work in the Temple everyday!! I was
freakin out, so we hurry to get home and started packing immediately!

Wednesday we took off and had the prettiest train ride of my life.
Dresden to Freiberg, mountains, rivers, little houses - everything
covered in snow. I was trying to take pics the whole time but there
was a stupid glare on the window so nothing turned out. We got to
Freiberg late, it was blizzarding, so we had to wait to be set apart
until the next day.

Thursdeeee, the Temple is a 30 minute walk from the apartment and we
needed to be there at 6:30am everyday. So as an AZ boy walking in a 0
degree blizzard at 6am... definitely new. But we got set apart and the
Temple work began! Took part in witnessing baptisms for the dead,
Confirming (that was kinda hard), sealings and sessions! It was the
best, I was loving every second. Everyone was so nice there and all
of the Temple workers were so grateful for our help.

Friday the Temple Pres called us in his office and let us know he
found out that as full time missionaries, you are actually not allowed
to be set apart as Temple workers.. we had to turn in our white coats
and name tags and it was really sad. He still said we could stay and
there are things we could help with the rest of the month so it was
okay but still, I didn't wanna give my things back! Later that evening
after we had been home we went to the store real quick to grab a
couple ingredients for food. What do ya know, we forgot the keys…
We called the Freiberg elders and they made calls but nobody knew where the
spares were. I called my homie Sister Garrett and she suggested I try
the credit card thing. I laughed and told her that doesn't work, but a
little desperate here I whipped out my credit card and 30 seconds
later *CLICK* I couldn't believe it! I got in with a credit card! The
things you learn on the mission..

Saturday was the usual Temple work but a little slow because there was
a big conference going on in Dresden. Something really cool though
about Freiberg is that it's an international Temple, meaning people
come from Switzerland, Austria, The Netherlands and some other
countries. Got to meet a lot of people from different places. We got a
call from President Fingerle a little while later, actually Elder
Fritz did, and then he told me we were going to go back to Forst. I was
upset. President said we could go back to the Temple once a week
though so it's better than nothing. Later the Freiberg Elders called
us and told us to let them in cause the door to get into the apartment
building was locked. Well what do ya know WE LEFT THE KEYS INSIDE
AGAIN. Except this time I was in a hoodie and flip flops. So
we were outside our apartment trying to get in for about 2 hours. We
called the sisters to see if their bobby pins would get us in, nope.
We called members and we tried Elder Moody's crappy card but it was too
flimsy. So finally one of the members just told us they would prepare
a room in the hostel for us and just to walk there. Great. Except
don't forget it's 0 degrees outside and I'm in one of the Elders flip
flops that have holes in the bottom and a light hoodie. So we walk
first a little ways to the sisters apartment and they just cover me
with blankets. It actually worked and I was warm other then my soaking
wet freezing feet. Finally got to the hostel at midnight and were
able to get some sleep.

Sundayyy you guessed it church in my flip flops and Element hoodie:)
Luckily we finally got ahold of a spare key and only had to walk 30
minutes in snow with flip flops one more time. Got back, packed and
took off back to Forst.

The week started so well and ended pretty rough with some other things
happening as well. Been a long transfer. It's all good though things look
bright ahead.

I'm so grateful for the opportunity I had to work in the Temple for
those few days. Really felt the love of God. Everytime I am in there
regardless of whatever is going on I am reminded everything is gonna
be fine. It's such a peaceful feeling you just can't get anywhere

Love you guys
Elder Miller

The Freiberg Temple!

me doing area book work while Fritz sleeps in his natural habitat