Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WEEK 83, JANUARY 25TH, 2016

What's goooood!

It was a quick week this past one. Seemed like we were pretty busy looking for something to be busy with.. hahah

Tuesday was the first really good zone training meeting I have had in a long time. They gave some assignments to some older missionaries this time and they all killed it. Lots of motivational stuff and words of encouragement towards having a good attitude, positive mindset, and being confident. God qualifies whom he calls. We all have the ability when we're worthy, especially as missionaries, to get through tough times and to not fear. 

Thursday we went to eat at Familie Woites. They are probably my favorite family here in Forst. They are so real and honest and I feel like we can talk to them about anything. They respect us as missionaries but also treat us like normal people and not church robots like a lot of people think we are. The wife is American and she married a German. He speaks better English then I do though, it's crazy. They have three kids. The oldest daughter is maybe 6 or 7 and speaks fluent English and German and she speaks to us in English. But the other two are about 4 and 5 and they try to speak English but halfway through they always switch to German - it's so funny. I love going over there, it's always a good time. 

Friday we drove to a little Dorf outside of Forst called Döbern. We doored that place for about three hours till I couldn't feel anymore it was so so cold. We only really had luck at one door. She was super nice and said we could come back except there was no way she is coming to church ever. It was nice to get a change of scenery though. We came back and weekly planned and that was about it.

Saturdayyy we went to the temple:) Elder Fritz doesn't like to go which makes no sense to me, but I make him because it's not an opportunity you get often. Takes 4 hours to get there which really blows but it's all good. I printed out like 8 names for baptisms and we got there and they didn't have enough workers so we couldn't do it!! Our fault we should have called so that was kind of a bummer. Anyway, we did initiators instead, which aren't as fun but still necessary so whatevsss. 

Mannoh. It is the last week of the transfer. It's been a tough past little while. Probably the toughest of my mission. I've been thinking a lot about what Eyring said some General Conferences back. If the foundation of faith is not embedded in our hearts, then the power to endure will crumble. It has echoed in my head. Sometimes faith is the only thing that keeps us going and that's why it is so important not to lose it. I know we are the children of a living God who loves us. Everything he gives us and lets us experience, the good and the bad, is meant to shape us into the people he knows we can become. Just gotta let it. Fight the good fight, keep the faith.

Love you guys

Elder Miller