Monday, January 30, 2017

WEEK 84, JANUARY 30TH, 2016

Transfer calls came and I ammmmm...... 
After two in Forst I'm headed for a bigg change! HAMBURG:) The city is called Bergedorf and I have heard good things about it so I'm way excited.
Plus yeah it is Hamburg sooo. My new comp is Elder Hickenlooper. Yeah, took me a few days to get his name down.. Hickendocker, Hickendooper,  Anyways, he is in his fourth transfer so he's still pretty fresh. Heard he's a good kid and a hard worker so it should be good.

Other than that news, not much this week! Wednesday we went down to Freiberg to watch the worldwide missionary training conference. Way, way good. As a lot of you know, there has been some big schedule changes allowing us to be a lot more flexible with our time and choosing when we do things. It's going to be so much more efficient - I love it. We overnighted and then on Thursday went to the Temple and did baptisms. Always a good time in the Temple.

Sunday goodbye day was sad as always. It's always sad to leave some of your favorite members. We have a couple more appointments before we head out on Wednesday though. Thank you all for the continued support!
See y'all in Hambuuurrrggggg!


Elder Miller

Bruder Bentke

The why do I gotta get transferred pose


Elder Illum goes home this week so we held his funeral.

Bye Forst!!!