Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Tom Bradyyyyyyyyyy I am not even surprised. Go Pats!

I'm in Hamburg. I love it. It was literally a breath of fresh air as soon as I stepped out of the train. Lights, big buildings, people. Amazing. So different from Dark, empty Forst! It should be an aight transfer. My comp Elder Hickenlooper is a good guy. He's organized, he has some unusual cleaning requests and he's not a fan of shoes in the house so that's good. He is doing his 24/7 German transfer these next 6 weeks so it will be good practice.  He is starting his 4th transfer so he is still a fresh young buck. We are working hard and good so far. I can barely make it to 9 without falling asleep. 

The ward is good. Small but good. Got about 30 old people every Sunday hahaha. Everyone is really nice though. We got to visit a couple families this week as well as the branch president. He is awesome - just him and his wife. We weren't planning on having an eating appointment on Sunday but the only young family invited us over for lunch during church. They have a couple crazy kids so that's always fun.

So Monday and Tuesday was pretty much just packing and finishing up goodbyes. We played ping pong with Mike one last time and I wanted to let him win and I thought about it, but I just couldn't. We went to the Woites, had tacos, said goodbye to the crazy kids and the next day I was off to Hamburgggg:) 

Thursday and Friday we got right to it. It was a longer weekly planning to get me familiar with everything but later we got to some finding, went by on some contacts and called people. We had a little bit of luck so we will see what this next week brings. We got to have my first appointment with a dude named Andy. Super cool. Just believes that he doesn't need to do anything except chill because Jesus has taken care of everything already hahah. We will see what we can do about that.

Saturday we had a gnarly service project. Dang Germans and their wood. Here's the thing, half of Germany is still living in the 19th century. So they have to constantly burn wood to heat their freaking house if they wanna stay warm. If they run out of wood they are in trouble, so we spent 4 hours chopping, hauling, and stacking! All good though.

I really like Hamburg so far. Can't believe I am going to say it but I think it tops Berlin. I've seen about 20 Jaguars, a couple Ferraris, Teslas, a billion Range Rovers, some Rolls Royces. Ridiculous. I think the people who live here have a little bit of dollars. But I'm praying Elder Hickenlooper and I see some success this transfer, I believe we will! Grateful to start this last chapter of my mission and finish strong! 

Love you!

Elder Miller