Tuesday, February 14, 2017

WEEK 86, FEBRUARY 14TH, 2016

Not much to write about this week! Very little happened. People don't really feel like opening up the door this time of year cause they don't wantto let all the cold air in. Understandable....

Hoping this week we will see a little more! The sun came out today so that was good! We went to tour the Hamburg soccer stadium for my birthday but it was closed so we're just gonna go next week. Can't believe I'll be 21 on Wednesday whatttt???!!! Time really flies.

We did actually get the chance to meet with some less actives this week though. One man named Bruder Kaprinski. He is old. He loves to cook though and no matter what we talk about, without fail, he manages somehow to tie it in with cooking or food. It was so bad at one point Elder Hickenlooper and I just started cracking up trying so hard to
hold it in but we just couldn't. He's so nice though. We finally got to share our spiritual thought, invited him to church and got outta there.

We are getting ping pong Tuesdays started back up tonight in the church. Already have a couple people who said they are coming so I am way excited about it:) Hope everyone has a good week!

Happy Valentine's Day! Love you guys so much!

Elder Miller