Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 19 November 2nd, 2015

What's up family! 

I hope everyone had a faaantastic safe halloween. Such a solid week this week. Elder Glissmeyer and I are honestly killing it over here in Spandau! I love him he's hilarious. We get along really well. OH second thing I forgot last week! SHOUT OUT TO JAKE AND SARAH TOOLSON! I'm ticked you didn't wait for me but ya know it's all gucci. I WANNA BE SKYPED IN AT THE RECEPTION. I love you guys. 

Alright here we go! Monday: Elder Glissmeyer came and picked me up at the office. Well kind of. We just spent P-day there and helped out the sisters that are watching over the office while the usual staff is in Freiburg accommodating the new missionaries. Got back to Spandau later unpacked and all that jazz. I went from literally the biggest apartment in the mission, to the smallest. But I love it, it's cozy ova here.

Tuesday: We went through the area book! Called a bunch of people that past missionaries somehow lost contact with and got lucky saw some miracles and made appointments!! So pumped!! After that we helped the famous Elder Gallacher get from Hannover to Potsdam in Berlin. Dude had like 3 bags and a guitar, no idea how he would have done it without us. But yeah it was great we shared some funny stories and we just had a blast. We're stoked to be in the same zone together.

Wednesday: ahhhh sweet sweet Wednesday. We went to an appointment with the spanish sisters. I was told that they were pretty stingy about the prophets today thing, so the whole morning during personal and comp study I went hard at that topic. We got there and of course, she asked me what I thought about that, I pulled out my study journal and just read some scriptures and stated the reasons I believed what I believed. This entire time the Spanish sisters are translating, some high school Spanish started to come back to me and I could pick out some words. Anyways this is really cool, for the first time, they finally accepted it could definitely be a thing. The sisters were so excited after and they said that was so crazy good, and that does not happen! Felt so good after the lesson!

Thursday: Started off really well! Found 2 people on the street and made appointments! Helped a guy name Florian with some family search stuff. We had an appointment with Reinhard but Elder Glissmeyer and I looked for his house for an hour and a half and we could not find it so we had to call and reschedule because it got too late. 

Friday: Had some really good appointments:) Our last one of the day was with a man named Harper. He is unable to walk and is in a wheelchair because he was in a roller coaster accident. His faith is unreal strong. He has had so much bad to happen him but such a good attitude. We showed him the mountains to climb Mormon message and bore our testimonies and he just cried and thanked us for coming over. 

HALLOWEEN: SO FUN. Service project then Halloween! Usually missionaries have to be in at 18 but we didn't cause the Dessin's had us over and we partied till late danced, and played games then they drove us home. See fun pics n flix below:) 

Sunday: I love love love my new ward. Church and then at night we went to visit Vanessa, Virgina, and Oma!! Two daughters 17 and like 14 who are members, then Oma (the grandma) who is not a member.... yet. Seriously best family ever. Shared a spiritual thought that was SO GOOD from sister Seare she made them all cry. Then we danced Hahah gosh I love it. I think I've danced more on my mission than I have in my life. 

Sorry this is so long. This week was just the best and I wanted to share a lot. I'm so excited to be here in Spandau:)

Bis Später,

Elder Miller