Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 23 November 30th, 2015

Hi friends and fam!

I hope everyone had a wunderbares thanksgiving! It isn't a holiday
here but Christmas is underway and in full force! This week was such a
good one. Actually the best on my mission so far to be honest. I gave
my first blessing!!!

Monday: pday went to a sick German museum then a weinachtsmarkt.
Germans do Christmas very well!⛄️

On Wednesday we had zone conference in Berlin. It was the "ho ho zone
conference" get it? Cause it was Christmas themed.. And Santa.. And ho ho
zo... Conference.. Hahhh. ANYWAYS, way good and way fun. We got all of
the new Christmas pass-along cards and saw the new Christmas video the
church is putting out this year.

THURSDAY was so busy Elder Glissmeyer and I did not have time to eat.
It was my favorite day. I'm going to try and explain what happened as
best as I can! So every week we meet the Mantilla Family with the
Spanish sisters - kind of. We usually mainly teach the daughter but the
mom usually listens and chimes in too. This time we went and only the
mom was there. She let us in and before we knew it she was crying and
crying and opening up to us BIG TIME. In a way she never has even come
close to before. She said she feels like she has a cold heart because
she believes in God she just doesn't feel close to him. She said when
she was younger she had the same excitement and fire about her because
she could feel the spirit. But she can't anymore on her own. And that
makes her so sad and makes her feel like she isn't loved. She
absolutely loves meeting with us because when we are over, she says she
can feel a little bit of that spirit coming back to her. All of us
bore our testimony to her that she IS loved. The Spanish sisters then
wanted to read James 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the
elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with
oil in the name of the Lord. I then had the opportunity to give her a
blessing. She said when Elder Glissmeyer and I put our hands on her
head she felt something go throughout her entire body. PRIESTHOOD
POWER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. In all seriousness, she is one of the
nicest people I've ever met. We've been praying so hard that something
will happen spiritually to her to give her that spirit back and then
she's gonna get dunked!!!

Fast forward to Saturday and we had something called a Musikalischer
Abend. We were at the church in Tiergarten all day practicing. When we
finished we had a couple hours before the show, so we went down to
Potsdamer platz and Christmas Caroled and gave out gummy bears and the
new Christmas cards. It was so cold but so fun. The show itself was a
movie type thing and every so often there would be a musical number
and they were all amazing by members, missionaries and youth! It was a
great turn out and a lot of people came.

I just found out the Spanish sisters are pushing President for me to
be put in the Spanish program here. They are my favorite. They say I
have a good accent and whenever I say Spanish phrases in lessons with
them they freak out. It's way funny! Of course I can't start until I'm
fluent in German so they asked me to study Deutsch extra hard this
next transfer to fluency so I can get started on my Espanõl asap.
Spanish is cake compared to German so hopefully I can pick it up
pretty quick. Crazy stuff.

Bete zu ihm! Sprich denn er hört dich! :)

Oh yeah ps I guess they found two Isis members in Berlin so Germany
has declared legit war on Syria soo.... Hopefully I don't like, die. Jk

on the real tho....
Love y'all
Elder Noah Miller