Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 21 November 16th, 2015

Alright what a week!!!

I'm sorry i´m going to pretty much skip everything and get right down to the juicy stuff.

Friday morning we had a spontaneous mission wide conference call. The news? Elder M. Russell Ballard of the 12 Apostles was coming to talk to us! In 2 days!! hahaha oh man. So this means the entire mission of Berlin 220 missionaries would be coming to the city together. It was so fun. Saw all my old pals from the MTC, my old district from Neubrandenburg, Elder Hein!! It was great.

Elder Ballard was amazing. He told us a lot from his talk last year in GC. About how now we need the greatest group of missionaries the world has ever seen. We need to be the greatest teachers and that Berlin Germany is a REAL mission. Not that the other missions aren't real but ya know;) And also how it's a little different and a bit harder with all the distractions we have these days that they didn't typically have back then. TV, phones, etc. We need to be FOCUSED. He's such a funny guy, i'm so grateful I had the privilege to hear his wise words.

But that's not it:) After hearing him talk I was informed he would be coming to do service with my district and I in Spandau!! And he did. He shook hands and talked with many refugees. It was seriously just crazy to have an apostle arms length distance away from me for 4 hours. I soaked it all in. On the other hand it's really sad to see all the refugees driven from their homes with nothing. These little kids were so stoked when we gave them something just as little as a plastic hair comb. It was so fun to watch them all laugh and smile. We made bags for all the families filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other things. 

annddd that's all I can remember from the week. It flew. In a week I will be 5 months deep in the mish.. What? 

Love you guys:)

Elder Miller