Thursday, March 9, 2017

WEEK 89 MARCH 8TH, 2017

It was a quick week this week and went pretty well. To start off on Wednesday Elder Sabin from the 70 came and visited us and had some really good things to say. 'Twas rad. Always fun to see half the mission too, even though I don't know a lot of the missionaries anymore. I'm an old man. Something that stood out to me that Elder Sabin said was, if we want to know the truth we have to pay the price. Many times we want answers and truth and blessings but we aren't willing to do the things we need to do in order to receive these truths, blessings and answers.  Many things in life that are worth it, with few exceptions, aren't going to come easy.

On Friday we had another Spanish family home evening. Spanish people are crazy. A different kind of crazy than Germans. But it's a good crazy. We had a better turn out this time. I can never understand a word but it's always a fun time. I wanna learn Spanish when I get home. 

Those are pretty much the two big highlights of the week. We had Zone pday today and had a cook off. Elder Lex from Austria wanted to make these pastry things and they were actually pretty good but I don't think we won. They were rolled up cooked dough balls and inside them had strawberry and chocolate. We called them wonder balls. But Elder Chadwick and his squad had sisters so obviously that's unfair and they made like some chicken curry something with pineapples and it was spicy and good and blah blah blah. The secret ingredient we had to put in was honey. We won in my book though. 

I thought Hickenlooper and I caught fire this week! We planned on having an investigator at church and 2 or 3 less actives. Except we ended up having 0 investigators and 1 Spanish less active who can't speak German. Better than none though right? Happens. We get transfer calls this week which blows my mind so we will see what happens. I would like to stay in Hamburg. 

Love you all! Tschüssyyyy 

Elder Miller