Tuesday, March 14, 2017

WEEK 90 MARCH 14TH, 2017

Liebe Squad,

And so it has arrived. The last transfer of my mission. It doesn't really feel real. Kinda want it to stay that way though so I can focus on giving it everything I got and finishing as strong as I can.

Few highlights: We visited Bruder Kaprinski on Tuesday while I was on exchange with an Elder from Lauenburg. This is the really old, less active guy who gets very distracted easily and talks about food 99% of the time. So we are showing him a short Mormon message about Geduld, and I kid you not 15 seconds into the 3 minute video the guy just got up and left! It was a part where Uchtdorf explained an experience while he was in the military and Bruder Kaprinski goes "hey my grandson is in the military!" Leaves for about a minute and then brings out a bunch of old pictures of him and starts explaining them. Absolutely no regard for the video.. it was funny. I think he is just at that age. 

Thursday we went on exchange again with the Elders in Wartenau. We went to their district meeting and I kinda never wanna go back to my four man ever again.. They have eight! It is double the size of my district. Unfair. Anyways I was with Elder Lex! He is from Österreich (Austria), and is one of my favorite missionaries of all time. We went by on a contact, talked to a couple people, but then it started to really come down again so we went to the church and prepared for the English class we had that night.

Friday we met with a man name Herr Zirkler. He is a Buddhist and the lesson was verrrry interesting. Basically the guy is super nice, but I think he is crazy. He is Christian, believes in the New Testament, but not the Old Testament, and reincarnation! Don't really understand what's Christian about reincarnation but ya know. I have met with a couple Buddhists on my mission and things don't seem to go anywhere. And this lesson definitely went nowhere so we are probably gonna leave him alone for a while. Elder Hickenlooper was gettin a little heated, nothing bad but I kinda had to step on his foot a couple times during the lesson;) at the end I just asked him to ask himself this week if he was a Buddhist because it was comfortable for him, or if he felt like that was really God'

s will. It's not always easy to be a member of the church of Jesus Christ, but I believe 100% that is how it is meant to be. 

Other than that we have been trying to find lots of new people. After a transfer of no success going by and trying to make out appointments with old contacts we don't know, I told Hick that I am done and I want to find my own people. So we're gonna give that a go. We got transfer calls on Saturday and I will be dying here in Bergedorf. Hickenlooper will kill me and I am his first comp he has had for more than 1 transfer. I am excited to end my mission here in Hamburg. 

Anddd that's pretty much it I think.. The sun shined 3 days in a row this week.. Unbelievable it was amazing! I love you all! Thank you for the prayers, they are needed.

Hab' euch lieb. Bis nächste Woche! 

Elder Miller 


Gave Elder lex one of my caramel apple suckers. His first one. 
Er hat sich gefreut. Lecker!