Monday, March 20, 2017

WEEK 91 MARCH 20TH, 2017

One month.. Kinda freaking out about it. We have somewhat developed a
teaching pool here in Bergedorf so that has helped to take my mind off
it a little bit.

Tuesday night was SO dope! We had about 10 people at ping pong! 4
non-members and 6 members. Elder Hickenlooper and I made
advertisements for it a few weeks back and went around to the grocery
stores and university and hung them up. We were kinda disappointed
that nobody was coming the first couple of weeks. But low and behold
two new people saw it at the grocery store and they came and had a
good time! They didn't beat me though:)

Wednesday was pretty much spent at the train station helping
missionaries get on and off with their luggage. We had a contact near
there as well that we tried to drop by on but a homie in his
underwear (that was not the same guy) answered and said he wasn't home
so.... yeah.

Thursday we went home teaching/had an eating appointment with sweet
old Schwester Kindt. She is so funny. She was explaining how no one in
the ward will help her with some kitchen remodeling and Bruder Maak,
our joint teach said "well the missionaries can do it!" And of course
we would. We would be so happy to help Schwester Kindt with anything but
then she goes "ohhhhh yaaaaa missionaries, bring the missionaries, that's what 
everyone tells me! No! they have another job to do!" She just gets it...

Friday we planned almost literally the entire day. Got a big Easter
initiative coming up and we are gonna do lots of good here in Bergedorf
with that.

We brought a new guy to soccer on Saturday. His name is Mehbrahtom and
he is 19 from Ethiopia. Super cool. He self referred himself online
and asked for a Book of Mormon so we stopped by, brought him one, and
invited him to soccer and he came! He didn't come to church though:/
We will see what goes on with him.

We also had a random guy walk in church the other week and he came
again this week. He is an alcoholic and says he wants help and he
wants to go to therapy and make things right with God. Really super
sweet guy and it's kinda sad to see cause you can tell he definitely
has a problem but is trying to fix it. We will see what happens there
as well.

All in all it was a solid week. It has rained non stop which is a
bummer and super annoying but whatever. Excited for the weeks to come!

Love you all! Have the best week!

Elder Miller