Wednesday, March 29, 2017

WEEK 92 MARCH 28TH, 2017

This week from Monday to Wednesday we were on super exchange in Wartenau. I was with Elder Thiriot and we came back to Bergedorf for the day to try and get some work done. Elder Thiriot is quiet and doesn't like to have fun. I learned that from my first exchange with him last transfer but he's a good kid! We contacted a referral out in Egypt and he ended up not existing. Well actually, that's not true. There are 4 different places of his exact address in our boundaries so we just need to do some hunting for the right one and see if it exists. Other than that we did some street contacting, gave out some cards and then headed back.

Wednesday was a good time, more street contacting and going by people. There was institute that night and it was my first time being at that. I saw Enrik from Neumünster! He walked in but didn't see me at first and then I coughed loudly to get his attention, he looked over and was like ELDER MILLER! It was fun to catch up.

Thursday was Elder Hickenlooper and I's first white day in a while... 'Twas not fun. We did a lot of doors. At one door this guy told us there is no way there is a God. I asked why not and he proceeded to give me the whole "look at all the war and suffering" spiel. He started to shut the door and I'm not usually the persistent missionary type but I spit some fire right back. He shut the door after anyway but he didn't give me backlash so maybe he's thinking about it..

We weekly planned on Friday then went to Bruder Imbeck's to hack some wood. It's actually way hard. I was sore the next couple days.. After we got in his car and he says we'er gonna go visit Elena. Elena is a recent convert but she went inactive literally right after. She's an 1,000 mph crazy Italian. She does not stop talking. One thing to the next. She doesn't come to church because it's too early and she says she needs sleep. So we're just working on getting her to sacrament which starts at 11:15. She actually came on Sunday. She was late but it's a start!!

That's about all the big stuff I believe.. We visited Michaelis Kirche
today for Pday. You climb to the top and can see all of Hamburg. It was rad. Three weeks to go hard! Love you all!


Elder Miller